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Are emissions commitments by the U.S. and China big enough?

As we get closer to the United Nation's conference on climate change in Copenhagen and nations begin setting their agendas, are their goals realistic? Last week, the U.S. and China each announced their emissions target goals. Are they big enough?

Posted by Washington Post Editor on November 30, 2009 10:17 AM

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setb1 Author Profile Page :

Embarrassing that your panel is all older whit men. Please explain.

EdMarston Author Profile Page :

How about not hiding the comment sections?
Would placing comments below the story be too much to ask?
First of all, how about a little taxation without representation? I, personally, have always dreamed of the day I would pay a worldwide tax for dubious socialist schemes. And the beautiful thing is, the taxers don't even have to ask their citizen's permission. All it takes are winks and nods from world "leaders" who have never held a real job. Does life get any better than this? I have an idea. How about let us vote on this scheme? That way, we could all share this warm, fuzzy, glorious, kumbaya moment. Surely, we, the developed nations, wouldn't vote down a little wealth sharing, would we?
Apparently, all these years of tree hugging is about to pay off!

mct1 Author Profile Page :

Who are these people & what the heck are they saying ? Yes/no/maybe No one has the answer to this because it is not even established that there is a proplem or what is causing it. In science there is no such thing as concensus. Science requires proof. Period

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