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Will Scott Brown's win impact Senate climate bill?

What does the outcome of the Massachusetts Senate election mean for the chances of a climate bill passing the Senate this year?

Posted by Washington Post Editor on January 21, 2010 8:00 AM

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Senator_Salesman Author Profile Page :

It is sad that Obama went to Copenhagen to sign away our sovereignty to the United Nations based on this Junk Science. Scott Brown Knows that the Global Warming hoax is the biggest Scam in the Last 100 years! Thank God Cap and Trade will fail miserably in the Senate this year. Wake up America! Green is the new Color of Socialism. Green Politicians like Al Gore and John Kerry don’t care about the environment. It has been proven that Al Gore will make Billions if Cap and Trade passes (which it won’t). Doesn’t that sound like a conflict of interest? This is about wealth re-distribution. They want to take American money and give it to 3rd world Communist countries to help Fight the theory which is global warming. Trust the U.N. anybody? Remember oil for food? Wikipedia it if you don’t know what happened.

Anybody that does just a little research of their own on this subject will discover what a fraud it is. Discover for yourself America.

free-donny Author Profile Page :

Brown's win, while a personal victory, is really a "tempest in a teabag". If Brown's win and other small GOP victories "look bigger in the rear-view mirror" to some, its a result of Repubes' and Fox News desperation for any good news at all.

Prior to Brown's win:

Senate: Dems 60 votes - GOP 40 votes
House: Dems 257 votes - GOP 178 votes
White House: Dems 1 vote - GOP 0 votes

After Brown's win:

Prior to Brown's win:

Senate: Dems 59 votes - GOP 41 votes
House: Dems 257 votes - GOP 178 votes
White House: Dems 1 vote - GOP 0 votes

Tempest in a teabag.

sun52shine Author Profile Page :

The reasons the people of Mass. gave for voting for this Republican does not add up. This man is against everything the President and Ted Kennedy represent. I believe this man was sent to stop all progress in this country and that is sad. Oh-well it doesn't matter anymore since the Corporations will be running the country soon. Especially, after Wednesday's decision by the Supreme Court to allow the Corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on candidates they support. To me this means that the voters have no say in who will be running the country. The Supreme Court sold our vote to the highest bidder. So your statements mean nothing!

Also, I would like to add - that if the voters in Mass. were listening the health care debate then they would have heard that the bill would have paid for itself. The funds mentioned were not annualized they were set over 10 years. Besides Mass. already have a health care plan; exactly like the one the Senator elect from Mass. has come to Washington to vote against. Well I guess what's good for Mass. is not good for the rest of us! Although, 68% agree it is the best thing that has ever happened to the state. The second issue is the corporations - they have taken billions of your tax dollars and enjoy having the products made with cheap labor, returned to the states and sold to us for a huge profit. Inorder to create jobs than a small amount of money must be spent as start up cost. The monies being asked for are small when compared to the billions of dollars given to the corporations by Cheney/Bush. And thirdly, if the Democrats don't address America's social issues than who will? Certainly, not the Republicans? The reasons we are in this situation - is because of Bush/Cheney's policies. They gave a huge tax break to the rich and the corporation, who in returned moved jobs over seas for cheaper labor, they started two wars but never included the cost (billions of dollars) in the annual budget request and let's not forget the billions of dollars they gave to their friends on Wall Street called the bailout. Oh, I almost forgot about the billions given to mortgage companies to help people from losing their homes.

Now we have a chance to undo 8 years of regression and the Republican party is fighting tooth and nail! The Republican party care more about profits and the dollar than you do about human life! Wow!

Aurellano Author Profile Page :

The false right-left paradigm is alive and well on the blogs and in the analysis of repeaters for the mass media. Brown's rise in Massachusetts is a metaphor for the United States, as this nation in decline continues its march toward fascism. The cycle repeats with yet another minion of the international banking cartel and military-industrial complex masquerading as a wolf in sheep's clothing. The Reaganesque victory has less to do with Brown’s politics, with which many of his supporters apparently disagree. It has more to do with illusions of style and rhetoric. After Camelot aristocratic democracy did not deliver enough of its promises, including universal health care. While the republic fell in 1913 when the Congress relinquished its constitutional powers to coin money to the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank, the Illuminati’s murder of J.F.K. was the final blow. Representative democracy in form has given way to oligarchy in practice; for, the corporations have merged with the state and seized control of the political process to serve their own interests. According to Mussolini, this is the essence of fascism.

BaracksTeleprompter Author Profile Page :

"Planet Panel?" You're kidding me, right?

papafritz571 Author Profile Page :

If Mr Brown is forced to follow only his party's political line of nonpartisanship, nothing will pass. The Republicans took away our Republican Congressman, Wayne Gilchrist in our state of Maryland. Mr. Gilchrist,the most honorable of men, a Viet Nam veteran, Purple Heart recipient, school teacher and environmentalist, worked hard for our state without showing the overt partisan dogma dictated by the Republican party. We all loved him, Dems and Reps and we kept returning him to Congress. But the Republicans didn't like it because he demonstrated good citizenship by working for our state and not his party. They refused to give him any money for reelection and put up a man who is a strict partisan Republican to run against him. A young Democrat lawyer ran against their man and won. Now Maryland has one Republican left and he is near age 80. They are once again running their loser in their bid to take over from the Democrat lawyer. Let them try. Mr. Gilchrist is a great environmentalist, so maybe that is why they got rid of him. Their loser guy knows nothing about the Chesapeake Bay and its environs, so that makes him a good Republican. Mr. Brown may have to toe the line if he wants to remain a Republican, he won't be allowed to do otherwise.

free-donny Author Profile Page :

GOP, here is the best advice you'll get - skip the delusional cheerleading from Fox News and face facts:

You won ONE Senate seat - reducing the Dem's Senate advantage to 18 votes from 20.

In the same "off-season", you lost a house seat in NY, increasing the Dem's House lead to 97 votes from 95.

Let's also accept facts acbout Massachusetts. Brown won by roughly 3%, after a strong campaign in a small state. A state that had no play in the healthcare debate. They already enjoy a state-run healthcare system.

Good luck in November, GOP. You'll need it. Think of it this way, it simply cannot get worse for you in Congress. No way!

oracle2world Author Profile Page :

Global warming stuff is DOA.

The Chinese (and India) already said they were not going to be part of any solution, so there is no point in the US trashing its economy for nothing.

What's left of it.

HughJassPhD Author Profile Page :

ClimateGate (rather than the Massachusetts special election result) has and will have more of an impact on the fate of Cap & Trade.

alance Author Profile Page :

Last fall, Obama said, "More powerful storms and floods threaten every continent." In December, Gordon Brown of the UK said, Copenhagen "must address the great injustice that . . . those hit first and hardest by climate change are those that have done least harm".

The IPCC's 2007 report declared that the world had "suffered rapidly rising costs due to extreme weather-related events since the 1970s". The study included 2004 and 2005 which was when there were some major hurricanes. If you took those years away then the significance of climate change vanished." This is one more case of climate fraud.

The latest criticism of the IPCC comes a week after reports forced it to retract claims in its benchmark 2007 report that the Himalayan glaciers would be largely melted by 2035. It turned out that the bogus claim had been lifted from a news report published in 1999 by New Scientist magazine. This is just one more case of climate fraud.

cowichan Author Profile Page :

Saw Scott on CNN. Answering question as to whether there are any parts of the health bill he could support he said he would have to study it before answering. Sounds like he's a reader like Edwards. When will he have time to research AGM, Cap & Trade, Healthcare, and marry off his daughters all while being a media star like Sarah?

Aprogressiveindependent Author Profile Page :

Cap and trade is a cop-out. This bill would be bad for lower middle and middle class people, resulting in job losses, as well as significantly higher energy bills.

magnifco1000 Author Profile Page :

50% of the federal budget is defense and military, Scott Brown isn't going to be part of cutting anything. As for Global Warming, some scientists are saying the recent cold wave is more evidence for Global Warming and not vice-versa. Why? The weather fluctuation created abnormally warm temps. at extreme northern and southern lattitudes. The polar caps are melting faster then ever, despite cooler temps. in mid lattitudes. Science, my dear Conservatives, it's more complicated then the current temperature in your backyard! Lastly, on Brown, is he a little bit wierd, the remark he made about his daughter being "available." I know he also posed nude. Can he keep his zipper shut in Washington?

calbooster Author Profile Page :

What difference does it make? The so-called climate bill is just another weak effort designed to bolster the claim that the U.S. is doing something, whereas the reality is that we are doing very little compared to the scale and scope of the problem. Despite the claims of the loony right, climate change is real, and happening, and we're not going to prevent it, or even slow it down, at the rate we're going. Folks, by the time the evidence persuades the no-climate-change hoaxers, it will be too late to act.
Indeed, it may already be too late, given the costs of change and the time it would take to implement it.

Wildthing1 Author Profile Page :

Since he supports torture I would suspect he will be in favor of torturing our planet also.

cale1 Author Profile Page :

John McCain co-authored the first serious cap-and-trade climate bill in 2003, and McCain continued to support cap-and-trade during his 2008 presidential run. Cap-and-trade had long been favored by Republicans as a means to let the market find the most efficient environmental solutions. George H.W. Bush led the effort in 1990 with the first, major comprehensive cap-and-trade scheme to address acid rain. And George W. Bush followed up with EPA programs to expand cap-and-trade for other pollutants. Unfortunately, now the GOP has abandoned what was initally the party's idea -- solely to score political points. True to the GOP party line, Sen. Elect Brown says he opposes cap-and-trade. The GOP should stop putting politics ahead of country and get back to working with the President to craft a meaningful cap and trade law.

patisok Author Profile Page :

It means the GOP propaganda machine has won again. They are so good at it.

They merely need to look around and see what is happening to animals, snow pack, crop failures, water shortages due to decades long droughts. But the profit line is stronger and the lives of their children and grand children and great grand children can be sacrificed for their comfort today. I am taping as much as I can of this debate. I am putting the contents in my fire proof safe in hopes it will survive So that my great great grand children who will live is a world where water is as precious as gold, where oxgen masks are an every day necessity, where food is scare and if found over price, where petrol has long diappeared and wind and solar are used in as many areas as possible. lLong trips can no long be made across the
oceans so we all live in isolation from each other. Sound like Science Fiction? It will be science fact within 100 years or so. But I really want them to know who let this happen. When they ask the question" They knew this was going to happen 100 years ago, why didn't did they do something". I want them to know. Certain of you knew...many knew....basically a group of men in GOP and other conservative parties across the globe refused to believe it. Denied it and the thought of any profit loas was just too much for them. So they laughed at the men who proposed Climate laws. They laughed and laughed and laughed. As these children will cry and cry and cry themselves to sleep every night. Lives shorten. Dreams that will never be realized. This is a future you will not see beyond the haze of profit today. May God have mercy on your souls.

BAT21man Author Profile Page :

Scott Brown has common sense and his message of fiscal responsibility resonates with the people, many of whom are struggling to keep their jobs and pay their bills. I hope that he can influence career Washington politicians to follow suit. If they don't, they should be returned to the constituency that they failed to serve as retribution for a failed tenure.

edbyronadams Author Profile Page :

I am not a global warming denier. On balance, I think the scientists studying the issue have the idea about right. The biggest stumbling block is as I have always stated. It's politics.

The environment is pretty far down on the list of concerns for most people. It rises when their other concerns are met. They have a job and expectations of a better life, then the condition of the environment looms large. They are reactive, rather than proscriptive. Right now, the state of the economy far outstrips other concerns. Scott Brown's election to Ted Kennedy's seat is emblematic of this emphasis.

Any scheme, such as cap and trade, that is seen as a drag on the economy, or can be portrayed as such by its opponents, has zero chance until the economy improves.

hit4cycle Author Profile Page :

These global warming hoax deniers are beating a dead horse. Fewer Americans are believing this tripe. It's gone baby gone.

battleground51 Author Profile Page :

Global Warming is yet another reason we must seal the border and enforce all illegal, immigrant laws.

Do you realize how much methane gas is produced when 20,000,000 outlaw aliens are digesting bean burritos??

Seal the border and enforce the illegal immigrant laws and we won't need "cap and tax". "I mean cap and trade".

battleground51 Author Profile Page :

If the bozos in congress try to push the cripple and tax scheme on America, we may as well apply for third world status right now.

You can't produce jobs by crippling your industries and taxing everybody to death.

Bill Clinton knew this. That's why he never acted on it. He wanted to have a second term.

angie12106 Author Profile Page :

A Muslim Saudi prince is the LARGEST shareholder of Fox News - outside the Murdoch family.
Now we know why Fox News & Republicans claim climate change is a hoax.

cjones210 Author Profile Page :

The MSM plays down or does not report about the emails that proved the science global warming is based on is faulty and they think people will forget and they can move forward with their nonsense as usual? The emails and lack of backup for scientists claims of global warming were a bad thing for people that invested in the hopes of passing cap and trade. I don't think the middleclass is going to be suckered into Cap & Trade nonsense anytime soon.

msgilfoy Author Profile Page :

His one vote ? not even enought to effect the out come of any thing ? We have two whole new batches of 18 year olds comeing into the pictue this next election , they have computers an they plan to vote ? Not going to be like the past , new game is comeing , Good luck Scott .

djmcfly Author Profile Page :

THERE IS NO "CONSENSUS" On so-called Global Warming, contray to the lies from the Leftie Lunatics. Ever notice during the cold spells & blizzards, Al Gore is nowhere to be found? He is probably holed up in his 40,000 sf mansion, one of the few man made structures that can be seen from the space shuttle. Liberalism Is A mental Disorder!

djmcfly Author Profile Page :

THERE IS NO "CONSENSUS" On so-called Global Warming, contray to the lies from the Leftie Lunatics. Ever notice during the cold spells & blizzards, Al Gore is nowhere to be found? He is probably holed up in his 40,000 sf mansion, one of the few man made structures that can be seen from the space shuttle. Liberalism Is A mental Disorder!

edbyronadams Author Profile Page :

The metamessage from the Scot Brown's election is that the economy and job creation is most important to the voter. That is why they were against health care reform. They do not want another drag on the economy. The climate bill is seen as the same thing, so, yes, his election has a huge impact.

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