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Do carbon offsets still matter?

The idea of selling "offsets" for greenhouse-gas pollution seems to be losing some steam -- at least in the U.S. A recent media report said the demand for them is slackening, thanks to the economy, to the failed attempts at creating a sweeping international climate accord in Copenhagen, and to the gridlock on climate on Capitol Hill. Do you think offsets still ought to be part of wide-scale efforts to tackle climate change, either in the U.S. or around the world?

Posted by Washington Post Editor on March 18, 2010 11:10 PM

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alance Author Profile Page :

Selling "offsets" for so-called greenhouse-gas pollution is a huge mistake. It's sole purpose is to make crooks like Al Gore rich at the public's expense with higher energy costs.

We need a national policy to conserve energy by weatherizing our homes and businesses, using solar hot water and passive solar heating in the winter. We need new national building codes to reflect the need for better home designs. We need reforestation in North America.

AGWsceptic99 Author Profile Page :

Carbon offsets matter only to those who worship at the Al Gore church of global warming. In another year, we will worry about having enough energy to power our economy. We should be worrying about sending so much money to oil producing countries.

There is no climate crisis. The current world temperatures reflect normal climate variations.

charlesbakerharris Author Profile Page :

Only to people whose heads are stuck far enough up their asses that they think that a market-based solution is sufficient.

Real change requires real sacrifice. As much as I think that our leftist leadership is a bunch of morons, they're the ones that might possibly lead us to real reform. But since they haven't been able to reform something as relatively-centrist as health care, my optimism for their ability to reform emissions standards is duly reduced. They're idiots, and we must, as an electorate, account for that fact.

DwightCollins Author Profile Page :

carbon offsets are a scam...
they were designed to increase taxes and make the people pay to finance the political elite...
vote out the dems and make sure carbon offsets never become a reality...
and if they do become a reality...
make them non profit...
no new dem billionares at the cost of the poor...

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