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How will the oil spill affect America's energy future?

In Pittsburgh June 2, President Obama vowed to gather votes for the climate bill in the "coming months" and repeated his intention to roll back billions of dollars in tax breaks for big oil companies, to tap natural gas reserves as an alternative to coal and to increase reliance on nuclear power. Question: Could the oil spill really have far-reaching implications for America's energy future? Should it?

Posted by Rachel Saslow on June 7, 2010 9:36 AM

Afraid4USA: Our whole approach to energy has to change. No more excuses. This means weaning ourselves from all fossil fuels, coal and gas as well as oil...

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AGWsceptic99 Author Profile Page :

The oil spill itself will have long lasting repercussions, and the President's six month moratorium on drilling will compound them. He and Mr. Salazar' decision to halt drilling for six months will put thousands of people out of work, send the best drilling platforms to oversea locations leaving us with older and less safe platforms.

Mr Salazar claimed his recommendation was based on the expert advice he got from people who actually know something about these matters, but the experts quickly forced him to admit that it was his own decision. The experts did and continue to believe the decision was not in the best interests of this country, but intelligent left wingers don't really need expert advice. They can just wing it.

Of course you won't be reading this information anywhere else in the Post. Goes against policy to expose stupid decision making processes in the current administration. Would have been front page news a couple of years ago.

winemaster2 Author Profile Page :

For starters this is neither a spill or a leak, but rather s ruptured well that is gushing oil and gas out of control That is the first deliberate hog wash the media, Bp and the US government is using to misled this gullible nation. Any body and every body that writes or deals with it should be honest enough to call what it is and stop pussy footing around with all the BS and the hog wash.

Afraid4USA Author Profile Page :

Our whole approach to energy has to change. No more excuses. This means weaning ourselves from all fossil fuels, coal and gas as well as oil. This will require massive changes in our lifestyles. Americans have faced tough times before and we will just have to buckle up and put up with whatever it takes to convert to more environmentally friendly energy alternatives, including nuclear energy, which is used throughout Europe.

I am afraid that Big Oil as well as dirty coal have bought the politicians and we will just keep shoving the stone down the road with our noses. We didn't need a wake up call, but we got one we can't ignore.

sabanasoft Author Profile Page :

the oil pressure into the well can be so high, what if BP cap the riser well pipe , the pressure can push out the 24" pipe,and the spill can become for everlast.
Maybe no one in the world can cap this leak.
the procedure for solve this:
slide an less diameter pipe (20" or 22 inches) into the 24" well pipe from the surface to well bottom, install a new oil rig platform for support the new 20" pipe and pump to tanker ships
for more info:

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