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Archive: May 9, 2010 - May 15, 2010

Tyranny of the urgent

Climate change is not as immediate nor proven as say the problem of illegal immigration. Certainly it would be best to find a balance, but it seems that some want to "solve" short-term problems at the expense of longer term ones.

By Rick Edmund | May 14, 2010; 2:23 PM ET | Comments (0)

Stop stalling on climate change

While the American people and green groups are beyond frustrated that they haven't acted, Senators could always argue the time wasn't quite right. But today is different. Here's why.

By Jennifer L. Morgan | May 12, 2010; 12:54 PM ET | Comments (0)

Climate proposals fall short

The suggestion that two accidents should generate more support for climate change legislation implies that legislation could reduce risks associated with energy production without damaging our economic wellbeing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

By William O'Keefe | May 11, 2010; 3:00 PM ET | Comments (0)

A reelection issue

Politicians care about really important questions like, might this vote hurt my chances of re-election? And at the moment we don't have a movement strong enough to punish or reward anyone.

By Bill McKibben | May 11, 2010; 2:52 PM ET | Comments (0)

Oil independence

In 1973, I was working at a Gulf Oil station in Leader Heights, just south of York, Penn. I learned a valuable lesson that applies to our current situation.

By Rick Edmund | May 10, 2010; 11:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

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