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Rick Edmund

Rick Edmund

Rick Edmund is a United Methodist church pastor in Maryland. He resides on Smith Island, which has been impacted by rising sea-level and in 2007 testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Environment about climate change and the Chesapeake Bay.

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Far-reaching implications

What happened in the Gulf should affect the thinking of every American. We trusted big companies who told us they knew what they were doing when the government allowed them to drill for oil in deep water.

By Rick Edmund | June 7, 2010; 10:59 AM ET | Comments (0)

Tyranny of the urgent

Climate change is not as immediate nor proven as say the problem of illegal immigration. Certainly it would be best to find a balance, but it seems that some want to "solve" short-term problems at the expense of longer term ones.

By Rick Edmund | May 14, 2010; 02:23 PM ET | Comments (0)

Oil independence

In 1973, I was working at a Gulf Oil station in Leader Heights, just south of York, Penn. I learned a valuable lesson that applies to our current situation.

By Rick Edmund | May 10, 2010; 11:27 AM ET | Comments (0)


No one wants their view of nature tarnished by a giant wind turbine or an oil well, and no legislator wants their political turf stepped on by members of the other party. But don't all of us have to give something up if we are to be responsible citizens of this great land (and world)?

By Rick Edmund | April 30, 2010; 11:04 AM ET | Comments (0)

By the time we factor everything it'll be too late

As if the question about human intervention in any rise in the earth's temperature wasn't complicated enough, now we have the factor of increased methane releases from tundra areas where the permafrost is melting as the temperature rises.

By Rick Edmund | March 15, 2010; 03:33 PM ET | Comments (1)

Winter storms don't debunk global warming

Here on Smith Island in the Chesapeake Bay we have recently experienced three storms with blizzard conditions in just two weeks. Much of the rest of the mid-Atlantic area of the United States has seen similar situations, and some areas have accumulated up to 6 feet of snow this winter.

By Rick Edmund | February 19, 2010; 12:29 PM ET | Comments (18)

Nuclear energy in Obama's budget

Nuclear energy is like a cousin whom you'd like to be around, but they have one nasty habit that turns you off. If only we could figure out a way to get rid of the radioactive waste from power plants!

By Rick Edmund | February 12, 2010; 01:25 PM ET | Comments (12)

Competition and capitalism

One of the great things about a country that uses capitalism as its economic basis is that multiple companies compete with one another to give the best product or service at the lowest cost to the consumer.

By Rick Edmund | February 3, 2010; 11:21 AM ET | Comments (2)

'Fountains of life'

Whether our health or the health of our planet, the best we can do is to go with what we know at the time.

By Rick Edmund | January 30, 2010; 08:51 AM ET | Comments (6)

A supreme decision

Q: What does the outcome of the Massachusetts Senate election mean for the chances of a climate bill passing the Senate this year? The election of Scott Brown as a senator will obviously not strengthen the chances of passing a...

By Rick Edmund | January 22, 2010; 10:03 PM ET | Comments (7)

Short term vs. long term

I don't think anyone would believe that weather and climate are the same thing anymore than that one's mood and personality are equal. We all have moods that don't accurately describe our overall personality.

By Rick Edmund | January 13, 2010; 08:15 AM ET | Comments (0)

Small changes make a difference

Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno, encourages his team by telling them that if they take care of the small things, the big things will take care of themselves. The same is true for many aspects of life including our health and climate change.

By Rick Edmund | January 11, 2010; 03:47 PM ET | Comments (0)

United? Nations

The nations of the world are certainly not united at the talks in Copenhagen. Rich and poor countries seem worlds apart when it comes to agreeing as to what needs to be done to stem the increase in global temperatures.

By Rick Edmund | December 16, 2009; 12:49 PM ET | Comments (1)

Science calls for us to be open minded

The scientists at the University of East Anglia who sought to curtail opposing thoughts were acting out of selfish reasons, seeking to justify their own positions on climate change. The same can be said for those who have used this forum to make personal attacks on members of this Planet Panel.

By Rick Edmund | November 26, 2009; 09:19 AM ET | Comments (6)

Plenty of blame to go around

Who's to blame? Probably all of us. The biggest stumbling block to a general consensus one way or the other about human influenced climate change is that most of us have a preconceived opinion one way or the other. We...

By Rick Edmund | November 19, 2009; 08:52 AM ET | Comments (0)

Let's make a plan

Other nations can offer some guidelines as to how the U.S. can address our response to climate change. The Maldives are very concerned about their situation where the average land is only about 4 to 6 feet above sea level...

By Rick Edmund | November 12, 2009; 03:38 PM ET | Comments (0)

Be conservative, but acknowledge the future

Whether we are Democrat, Republican or Independent, I believe we all need to be conservative -- trying to conserve the world that we inherited from our ancestors. What will we pass on to our descendants? No, we can't be 100...

By Rick Edmund | November 9, 2009; 08:52 AM ET | Comments (0)

Nuclear only a partial answer

When nuclear powered plants were first proposed it was predicted that the cost to produce electricity would be so cheap that the electric companies wouldn't have to charge their customers. Alas, reality did not meet those expectations. As we...

By Rick Edmund | November 1, 2009; 08:55 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Difficult Diagnosis

Examining the science beyond climate change seems to me to be like a medical doctor examining a patient with a difficult diagnosis. As tests are done and examined the physician can rule out certain causes and hone in on...

By Rick Edmund | October 18, 2009; 08:00 AM ET | Comments (5)

Can We Live at Peace With the Earth?

I don't really have any insight to President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize and how climate talks will be affected. The topic does however raise the bigger question for humankind, "Can we live at peace with the earth?" Will...

By Rick Edmund | October 12, 2009; 11:42 AM ET | Comments (0)

Why Are We Going to Copenhagen?

The main challenge for America as we approach this new opportunity to work with other nations concerning climate change is to determine our purpose for being there. Are we going to Copenhagen to protect our financial stake in the global...

By Rick Edmund | October 5, 2009; 08:41 AM ET | Comments (4)

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