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William O'Keefe: April 2010
CEO, George C. Marshall Institute

William O'Keefe: April 2010

William O'Keefe is CEO at the George C. Marshall Institute, a think tank that promotes better use of science in public policy. He is a former COO at the American Petroleum Institute.

Archive: William O'Keefe: April 2010

KGL: "Kill the Good Life"

The outcome may be no climate bill this year. That outcome would be good for the American people because the Senate seems to be wedded to a fatally flawed approach: cap and trade.

By William O'Keefe | April 27, 2010; 10:10 AM ET | Comments (1)

How clean is clean enough?

By any reasonable and objective measure, there has been tremendous environmental progress since the first Earth Day. Though there will always be more that can be done, no one can deny that air and water are much cleaner and exposure to toxins are much less.

By William O'Keefe | April 19, 2010; 09:14 AM ET | Comments (2)

Economic consequences

This is not so much a question of right track or wrong track as it is a question of timing and perspective. At a time when the economy is struggling to recover from the worst recession in at least three decades, the last thing that is needed is imposing higher costs on businesses and consumers and creating greater uncertainty on the part of the private sector.

By William O'Keefe | April 7, 2010; 02:36 PM ET | Comments (2)

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