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William O'Keefe: May 2010
CEO, George C. Marshall Institute

William O'Keefe: May 2010

William O'Keefe is CEO at the George C. Marshall Institute, a think tank that promotes better use of science in public policy. He is a former COO at the American Petroleum Institute.

Archive: William O'Keefe: May 2010

Kerry-Lieberman natural gas provision is a loser

This provision is just one more example of the effort to buy support for a bad climate bill and reward special interests with taxpayer dollars.

By William O'Keefe | May 21, 2010; 04:16 PM ET | Comments (1)

Climate proposals fall short

The suggestion that two accidents should generate more support for climate change legislation implies that legislation could reduce risks associated with energy production without damaging our economic wellbeing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

By William O'Keefe | May 11, 2010; 03:00 PM ET | Comments (0)

Lower risks, don't eliminate them

Those who want to impose another moratorium are the same people who object to oil imports. They can't have it both ways. Either we produce oil domestically or we import it.

By William O'Keefe | May 5, 2010; 05:22 PM ET | Comments (5)

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