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Climate-gate feud on FOX

By Juliet Eilperin

COPENHAGEN--While negotiators from an array of countries are trading barbs back and forth here, their sparring pales in comparison to the verbal tiff Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) had with Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla) on Fox News Sunday.

Consider this exchange over the pirated e-mails from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit, with host Chris Wallace trying to mediate:

MARKEY: Well, here is the comprehensive study done by thousands of scientists around the world that is the definitive study that was used by the United Nations and the nations of the world to say that we must do something about climate change, we must do something about global warming.

Here on page 473, and on other pages, is the discussion of those e-mails, the discussion of the subject material in those e-mails -- Siberian tree rings, OK?

Now, what's happening now is that the deniers want to create a Siberian tree ring circus. They want to take a small percentage of this entire study, a couple pages of it -- 1,000 pages -- and throw out the conclusion, the overwhelming conclusion, of scientists in the world that there is dangerous global warming.

The real scandal will be...

INHOFE: I thought the Senate was supposed to be filibustering.

MARKEY: The real -- the real scandal will be -- is if we don't solve this problem...

WALLACE: OK. Let me bring...

MARKEY: ... for coming generations...

WALLACE: Let me bring...

MARKEY: ... of young people...

WALLACE: Let me bring in Senator Inhofe.

MARKEY: ... on our planet.

Being fair and balanced, Fox did give Inhofe a chance to get a word in, though Wallace did preface it with a pretty tough question:

WALLACE: Whatever you want to say about the e-mails, Senator Inhofe, the fact is that just this week, the World Meteorological Organization said that this decade is the warmest on record and that 2009 is the fifth warmest year on record. Does that mean nothing?

INHOFE: It -- well, it means -- it means very little because that was based on the same flawed science, the IPC science, that we have been looking at.

Now, we have to say on the science thing that this is something that -- we saw this coming years ago, and for those individuals who doubt the fact that it's flawed science, listen to what the U.K. Daily Telegraph said. They said it's the worst scientific scandal of our generation. Publications all over have looked at this and decided that.

But let me say this, Chris, because I know we're running out of time. Four years ago on the Senate floor, I gave a speech -- it's in my Web site, -- you can look it up -- and at that time I outlined what all these scientists had come to me saying how they were denied the opportunity to give their view to the IPCC.

It's all cooked science. And now when this "Climate-gate" came out, all that did is just verify everything I said four years ago. Look it up. It's there

This week, both Markey and Inhofe are expected to attend the climate talks here. Perhaps they'll interrupt each other here, too?


Juliet Eilperin

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