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Sarah Palin riles up climate debate

By Steven Mufson

The Sarah Palin op-ed in the Post today drew a lot of readers -- not all of them happy. It aroused irate comments from the environmental community in particular. Daniel J. Weiss of the Center for American Progress said "Palin jumps from birther to flat earther," a reference to Palin's earlier questioning of whether or not President Obama was born in the United States (as required for presidents) despite his widely available birth certificate. Weiss asked: "Is Palin a scientist? Does the Post simply allow anybody to make anti-scientific assertions?"

Joseph Romm, a physicist and climate expert, called it "a grotesquely irresponsible and falsehood-filled piece" and labeled it "unmitigated tabloid nonsense."

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder takes on Palin in annotated version.

James Fallows, also at the Atlantic Web site, writes: "Sarah Palin! She is beyond doubt a celebrity and a political phenomenon. But who, exactly, has ever said that she knows anything op-ed worthy about climate change and climate science? I look forward to the 'we are a serious newspaper' explanation for this choice."

Many people said The Post shouldn't have printed the article, whereas others said it was appropriate to air the views of a leading GOP politician. See the debate on this issue over at Politico.

Palin isn't the only one tossing op-ed bombs in the direction of Copenhagen. If you're in the mood for that sort of thing, read Bret Stephens' piece in yesterday's Wall Street Journal where he criticizes the "totalitarian impulse" of Copenhagen negotiators: "This is not to say that global warming true believers are closet Stalinists. But their intellectual methods are instructively similar," he wrote.

Or read the Wall Street Journal editorial, which says: "Copenhagen looks like it will go down as one of the more remarkable cases of political hubris in recent memory. That's no bad outcome, given the ambitions of Copenhagen's organizers to impose heavy new carbon taxes on top of a struggling world economy."


Steven Mufson

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