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Archive: April 2010

Pentagon approves Oregon wind farm

The Pentagon has withdrawn its objection to what promises to be world's largest wind farm, allowing for construction to move ahead on the Shepherds Flat project in Oregon.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 30, 2010; 1:25 PM ET | Comments (8)

Department of Commerce Releases Data on Emissions, "Green Economy"

The U.S. Department of Commerce has released two new studies designed to inform policy decisions on climate change -- one that shows greenhouse gas emissions broken down among major sources, and another that aims to estimate the size of the country's "green economy."

By David A. Fahrenthold | April 30, 2010; 7:05 AM ET | Comments (7)

Military folks, environmentalists call for climate bravery

With climate legislation stalled in the Senate, an array of groups called Thursday for lawmakers to settle their differences and get moving.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 29, 2010; 4:00 PM ET | Comments (1)

Conservatives send FOIA request for Senate climate bill

The American Energy Alliance -- an affiliate of a conservative think tank partly funded by the energy industry -- wants a peek at the bill written by Sens. John Kerry, Lindsey O. Graham and Joseph I. Lieberman.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 29, 2010; 6:00 AM ET | Comments (1)

Senate climate bill undergoes EPA analysis

While it remains unclear whether Sen. Lindsey Graham will rejoin the effort to pass bipartisan climate legislation, Sens. John Kerry and Joseph I. Lieberman have sent the bill to undergo an analysis by the Environmental Protection Agency, sources say.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 28, 2010; 1:12 PM ET | Comments (2)

Salazar approves nation's first offshore wind farm

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Wednesday he has approved the first offshore wind farm in the United States, a move that ends a nearly-decade long, mammoth political battle and could pave the way for significant offshore wind development along the East Coast.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 28, 2010; 12:20 PM ET | Comments (38)

Salazar to approve Cape Wind development

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will approve the construction of a major wind farm off Nantucket, Mass., ending a nearly decade-long political feud and possibly opening the way for significant offshore wind development along the East Coast.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 28, 2010; 11:15 AM ET | Comments (21)

EPA issues new climate report

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a new report Tuesday examining 24 key indicators of global warming's effects on U.S. citizens.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 27, 2010; 2:12 PM ET | Comments (18)

Graham drama continues

The current state of the compromise climate bill depends on which author is talking--Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) ot Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.).

By Juliet Eilperin | April 26, 2010; 7:38 PM ET | Comments (0)

Senators delay plans for climate measure after Graham balks

The senators working on a compromise climate proposal decide to postpone introducing the measure after their key Republican partner, Sen. Lindsey Graham, announced that he was unwilling to move ahead in light of Democrats' push for immigration reform.

By Multiplatform Editor | April 24, 2010; 6:23 PM ET | Comments (3)

Sen. Graham walks away from climate and energy bill

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham abandons his effort to push a climate and energy bill, saying he would continue only if Democratic leaders promise to relinquish plans to bring up immigration legislation first.

By Multiplatform Editor | April 24, 2010; 2:07 PM ET | Comments (85)

Forest funding in climate bill at risk

As Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) put the final touches on their climate discussion draft, one of the questions many conservationists are asking is how generous it will be when it comes to protecting tropical forests overseas.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 23, 2010; 12:22 PM ET | Comments (0)

EEI, three oil companies to back climate bill; top 10 highlights of Kerry proposal

The nation's largest electric utilities association and three of the country's biggest oil companies will endorse the climate proposal Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) will introduce Monday, Kerry told supporters in a private phone call Thursday evening.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 23, 2010; 6:00 AM ET | Comments (24)

Greens to bless climate bill first, attack later

When it comes to the draft climate bill that Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) plan to unveil Monday, mainstream environmental groups are planning to praise first and criticize later.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 22, 2010; 4:46 PM ET | Comments (10)

Carbon War Room arrives

The Carbon War Room has come to Washington.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 22, 2010; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (9)

Voinovich seeks to preempt state, EPA on climate

Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio), a key player in the climate debate, has drafted language that would block both the states and the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases as part of a climate bill.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 21, 2010; 2:21 PM ET | Comments (6)

S&P 100 companies keep rising

There's a growing gap between the greenhouse gas emissions the nation's top 100 companies are producing and what President Obama has outlined as his climate goal for the next decade, according to a new report issued Wednesday by the Carbon Disclosure Project.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 21, 2010; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (3)

Biden ramps up retrofitting

Vice President Joe Biden will award $452 million in "Retrofit Ramp-up" grants to 25 communities across the country to kick off five days of events surrounding the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, according to a White House official who asked not to be identified. In addition to the retrofit awards, every federal agency will commemorate Earth Day with an event or new policy announcement.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 21, 2010; 6:00 AM ET | Comments (3)

Drilling creates climate heartburn

When it comes to climate legislation, every potential fix creates another problem. Like offshore drilling.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 20, 2010; 2:11 PM ET | Comments (1)

Small economies make Major Economies Forum list

The Major Economies Forum--the occasional meeting that tries to hash out international climate policy in an informal setting--allowed some small economies in during the session the U.S. hosted Sunday night and Monday.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 19, 2010; 6:46 PM ET | Comments (0)

Senators will unveil climate bill April 26

Ten Democratic senators led by Sherrod Brown (Ohio) outlined what they want in the climate bill to aid the manufacturing sector, and it's a long list.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 15, 2010; 2:10 PM ET | Comments (10)

Last month was hottest March on record

Scientists at both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies have concluded last month ranks as the hottest March in recorded history.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 15, 2010; 12:49 PM ET | Comments (4)

Linda Rozett is API's communications czar

The American Petroleum Institute has hired Linda Schoumacher Rozett, a D.C. communications veteran, as its new vice president of communications.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 14, 2010; 10:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Barbados seeks top U.N. climate post

A recent Post Carbon item about the contest to become the next executive secretary for the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change left out the name of one candidate: Barbados' Elizabeth H. Thompson.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 13, 2010; 10:00 PM ET | Comments (1)

White House launches Earth Day site

Can't get enough of the Earth Day festivities? Try logging onto the White House's new Earth Day website.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 13, 2010; 10:50 AM ET | Comments (0)

Energy efficiency could transform the South

Could the South pursue a radically different energy path if it instituted a slew of efficiency measures? According to a new study by Georgia Tech's Ivan Allen College and Duke University's Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, the answer is yes.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 13, 2010; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (1)

CLEAR Act delivers, study says

The cap-and-dividend law drafted by Sens. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) will spur green energy investment while avoiding regional disparities, acording to a new study by the Institute for Policy Integrity at New York University School of Law.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 12, 2010; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (2)

Bolivia, Ecuador denied climate funds

You can decide to boycott the Copenhagen Accord -- but that comes at a price. For Bolivia, that's $3 million; for Ecuador, it's $2.5 million.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 9, 2010; 10:10 AM ET | Comments (9)

U.S. climate communiqué

For those looking for a sneak preview of how the U.S. might conduct itself in the upcoming U.N. climate talks, look no further than its Fifth National Communication to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 8, 2010; 5:13 PM ET | Comments (2)

U.N. climate talks intensify

While it appears unlikely the nations of the world will be able to ink a climate treaty by the end of the year, U.S. special climate envoy Todd Stern said in an interview Thursday that negotiators have begun to intensify their discussions in the run up to this year's U.N. climate talks.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 8, 2010; 11:00 AM ET | Comments (1)

U.N. climate candidate raises eyebrows

The final list of candidates to run the United Nation's climate negotiations is in, and there's one surprise: U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's top climate aide, Janos Pasztor.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 8, 2010; 10:55 AM ET | Comments (4)

Last-minute growth spurt in Arctic sea ice

A cold snap prompted Artic sea ice to expand until March 31, the National Snow and Ice Data Center announced Tuesday, marking the latest date for the maximum Arctic sea ice extent since the start of satellite recordkeeping in 1979.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 6, 2010; 7:40 PM ET | Comments (19)

Laughing gas threatens Arctic

Nitrous oxide stemming from thawing permafrost poses a more serious global warming threat than previously realized, according to a new study published Sunday in the journal Nature Geoscience.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 4, 2010; 9:15 PM ET | Comments (4)

Reid's climate ultimatum

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has given Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) a clear ultimatum on climate legislation: unveil a bill within a couple of weeks, or steel yourself for an energy-only bill on the Senate floor.

By Juliet Eilperin | April 2, 2010; 11:18 AM ET | Comments (0)

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