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Senate climate bill undergoes EPA analysis

By Juliet Eilperin

While it remains unclear whether Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) will rejoin the effort to pass bipartisan climate legislation, Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) have sent the bill to undergo an analysis by the Environmental Protection Agency, according to sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The move by the senators to send the proposal over to the EPA on Wednesday is significant, because many undecided senators will demand to know the results of such an analysis before voting on any climate legislation. The study will take about five weeks, according to experts.

"Sending the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman bill to EPA for analysis is a critical step before the Senate can debate the bill," said Daniel J. Weiss, who directs climate strategy for the Center for American Progress Action Fund. "EPA's analysis of other comprehensive energy and climate bills found that they only cost households a couple of dollars per week, and that will likely be true for this bill as well. Since EPA's work will take at least five weeks, the Estimated Time of Arrival for the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman bill is no sooner than early June."

Lou Hayden, senior director of federal relations at the American Petroleum Institute, said his group hopes the bill will also undergo an examination by the Energy Information Administration, which it views as more independent even though it is housed in the Energy Department.

"We don't just like the headline, 'Trust us, it will have this effect,' " Hayden said.

The EPA, Kerry and Lieberman could not be reached for comment on the matter.

And while the three senators held off on a long-planned rollout of their proposal Monday, natural-gas booster T. Boone Pickens just announced Wednesday he would support the bill.


Juliet Eilperin

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Where is the Congressional Budget Office in this matter? Letting the EPA judge an energy bill is like letting the fox guard the hen house. The same is true of the Energy Department.

I tend to believe what then Senator Obama, about three years ago, told a TV interviewer regarding passing a "Cap and Trade (Tax)" bill. After passing a "Cap and Trade" bill, Obama said very clearly "....of course, the price of utilities would skyrocket."

That does not mean "a couple of dollars a week," as is mentioned in this story by a M.Weiss of the Center for American Progress Fund. In case the center name is familiar to you, that's because it is headed by President and CEO John D. Podesta, who earlier headed up Obama's transistion team.
Another fox guarding the hen house.

Come on folks, we are being led down another bigger-government-is-better trail. At least let's get a CBO analysis first.

Posted by: RonKH | April 28, 2010 7:46 PM
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The EPA is infamous for its ability to grossly underestimate the costs of its proposed regulations and for being able to grossly overestimate the benefits of those same proposed regulations. The EPA is not a reliable source of cost or benefit estimates.

Posted by: snorbertzangox | April 28, 2010 3:47 PM
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