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Archive: June 13, 2010 - June 19, 2010

Will Obama meeting next week break climate bill logjam?

For energy and climate bill watchers, the one session that might provide some insight into the legislation's future will be Wednesday's meeting with President Obama.

By Juliet Eilperin | June 18, 2010; 2:14 PM ET | Comments (1)

Senate Democrats ponder climate, make no decisions

Senate Democrats held their long-awaited caucus meeting on climate and energy legislation Thursday -- and failed to decide what to do about it.

By Juliet Eilperin | June 17, 2010; 3:24 PM ET | Comments (3)

The White House's lame-duck climate strategy

While President Obama made the pitch for climate and energy legislation yet again Tuesday in his Oval Office address, he did not disclose the White House's new strategy: push for a scaled-back bill in the Senate, and drag out the conference long enough to ensure a floor vote after the negotiations.

By Juliet Eilperin | June 16, 2010; 6:55 PM ET | Comments (12)

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