John Agwunobi
Wal-Mart Vice President

John Agwunobi

John Agwunobi is the senior vice president and president of health and wellness for Wal-Mart.

Accessibility and Affordability

We at Wal-Mart believe our nation's health-care system must be reformed right now and there are some very positive indications from Washington that it's possible. It was very clear from his budget that President Obama believes that health-care reform should be a top priority. Congress is considering a number of proposals, which are working their way through the legislative process. And many in the business community are strongly behind health-care reform.

As Congress crafts legislation, we believe its top priority should be that every American must have access to quality, affordable health coverage, and businesses, individuals and governments must share the responsibility for financing and managing a system that ensures we meet that goal.

The key to successful health-care reform, however, may well have as much to do with how we arrive at a final bill as with what is in the bill. Health care is too important to let special interests choose sides, go to their corners and battle it out. We need a new era of cooperation among government, businesses and the American people and it should start with health-care reform.

We applaud the Senate, Democrats and Republicans for their leadership and for welcoming input from all sides. Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.), with the input of Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), has laid out the framework for comprehensive reform and not one group has been left out. There is a major role for employers to play, beginning with providing coverage. We look forward to working with Sens. Baucus, Grassley, Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and others as they navigate these political rapids and we are ready to help Congress craft a bipartisan solution to this historic challenge.

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do not side with big business and the insurance companies and pers drug companies.....side with the AMERICAN PEOPLE AND BARACK OBAMA .........THAT IS THE REASON HE WAS ELECTED...WHEN IT COMES TO HEALTHCARE IN OUR COUNTRY.

Posted by: STANTONCAROL | June 14, 2009 8:35 AM
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Has Mr Agwunobi been living in a cave? Where was he when distinguished physicians were forcibly ejected from the Senate hearing room because they wanted to speak the truth. How can he say "and not one group has been left out." It's like we were trying to determine 2+3, and we said we would consider any ideas, but we would not even listen to those who thought the answer was 5.

To see how out of touch Mr Agwunobi here is a question from a Washington Post - ABC poll:

"Which would you prefer: the current health insurance system in the United States, in which most people get their health insurance from private employers, but some people have no insurance, OR, a universal health insurance program, in which everyone is covered under a program like Medicare that's run by the government and financed by taxpayers?"

62% favored Medicare for All; 33% were opposed. That's pretty decisive. And this is with the facts suppressed. Other questions in the poll show that the 62% supporting the universal program mostly believe it will cost more when it will cost less. They believe they won't be able to pick their doctor when Medicare allows much more freedom than most private plans. They believe there will be long waiting times when this is a myth. And still they support a universal plan like Medicare for All by 2 to 1.

So the group that has been left out is the American People.

Posted by: lensch | June 9, 2009 9:45 PM
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