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It's Time for Courage

Imagine you're on a long car trip with a bunch of friends. You've been traveling for a while and you're listening to music on the radio. Suddenly you change the channel and everyone immediately starts protesting. They haven't taken the time to see if they like the new channel and they don't even know what song is playing, they are just protesting the change. This is pretty similar to what is happening with the push for health-care reform. Americans don't know if they like the new channel and most don't even know what's playing, they are just protesting the change.

Current polls that show declining support for President Obama's handling of health-care reform is just an indication of cautious concern regarding change. It is a measure of the moment. If I were an adviser to Obama, I would advise him to do exactly what he is doing: to introduce and legislate health-care reform early in his term so that it is well entrenched and adopted in time for election to his second term.

In order for people to get on board with proposed changes they first need to hear the tune. There has to be more opportunity for people to hear what is being proposed and to understand it. For that to happen, the president needs to commit to a plan and make it clear. Tweaking and adjusting the bill to appease every concern is not the answer. It's time for a courageous bill that addresses the real problem of lacking health care.

The American people demonstrated they had courage to make sweeping change when they voted Obama into office. It may take a little getting used to but they will embrace the change that is needed to ensure access to health care for all Americans.

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Obama needs to stand in front of a mirror and remind himself who he is; Obama is supposedly a man who wanted to help everyone, and not the few like his predecessor. The message is a simple one, follow through on your campaign promiese, and don’t buckle under the pressure right wing media and lobbyists.

Obama's health care reform should be a breeze really in comparison to what he went through and overcame to become President of the USA.

Now is the time for Obama to stand up and deliver a straight forward alternative to healthcare coverage, leave all the existing forms of healthcare insurance etc in place and just add one more, a public option.

"This is the only message Obama needs to focus on and promote, A Public Option".

Leave the Lobbyists and scaremongering right wing media to their own devices. Forget the argument for competition in healthcare reform act; just give everyone the choice keeping what they have, and focus on the uninsured and those who have exclusions on their health insurance and those who can’t afford to keep current insurance. Plain and simple, nothing complicated in having one new choice on healthcare. It’s a no brainer, leave all existing schemes in place and add one NEW one, no one can lose.

Posted by: AnnaNurse | September 1, 2009 8:25 AM
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I sadly realize no words can move the stone cold hearts of those opposed to insurance and health reform. So, I wonder if someone you hold dear suffers as a result of a catastrophic illness and a health insurance nightmare, will your eyes open and your heart soften?

Posted by: jama452 | August 27, 2009 1:00 PM
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People at Reston were very impressed with Howard Dean - he had the answers - most politicians are clueless but not Dean and not Mrs. Clinton - and the party needs to use these two to get the message out.

Posted by: agapn9 | August 27, 2009 10:57 AM
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