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Kathy-Ellen Kups is the breast cancer blogger for Everydayhealth.com.

The Only Option

A public health plan is the only option to secure affordable quality care for all Americans. Let's put this in perspective: Canadians and the British have enjoyed universal health care for over 50 years. To say that these plans aren't working after they have met the needs of a generation of people is laughable. There is no contest to facts that indicate that these countries enjoy better health and longer lives. The citizens of these nations have access to affordable drugs far below costs to Americans. A public plan speaks for itself. These nations have not experienced the rise of health insurance companies that reap huge amounts of profits while delivering health care. Contrary to popular American belief, their public systems have created nowhere near the deficit the United States has created without it.

The health-care crises came with significant warning from as far back as the Clinton years. The private for-profit health insurance industry neither heeded the warning nor answered the call to create a system that would alleviate burdensome costs and include Americans unable to shoulder those huge costs. Its clear the free market has failed the American people where health care is concerned. Perhaps it is time to consider that health care requires a universal national response and a concerted effort by those representatives that truly have American's best interests at heart -- representatives that enjoy excellent health care paid for by tax dollars and agree that their constituents deserve no less.

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I agree Kathy, use taxes to keep Americans healthy, if America is a democracy, then people will either like an keep a public health option, or they will get rid of it. But first in a democracy, you allow the people the choice, so there is no real argument against trying a public health option, is there?

How can capitalism be the right to vote with your wallet John, when capitalism as just brought America to the brink., I don’t recall the Bush Government being fascist, I believe it was a capitalist government, yet all the people's money has been used to bail out the failure of the capitalist adventure into making profits. I think you call this socialism, when taxpayers money as to be used to pay off the debt of failed capitalism.

Having an health care system, where its free at the point of care, using taxes’ is surely better use of taxpayers money than paying of the debts left by the Capitalist system that had just crippled America and left it with a deficit that will take a generation to clear.

I think when you talk about managing risk, you may want to consider these options on health care. A healthy person can contribute to the economy and pay taxes, this person can also help support his or her children and family, lessoning the burden on government in social security payments, when the person cannot work. Free health care at the point of access does this. Good system ?

When you have to buy insurance, all the insurance company is interested in our ways to exclude total coverage, so they impose exclusions on a past illness, if that cannot be done, then they look at the persons family health history and hike the monthly premiums, just in case the person may fall ill. You called it managing a risk. Bad system?

A healthcare system free at the point of care, does not do this, it treats every person on an equal basis, no matter what there medical problems. So they don’t need the governments help in social security payments. They get treated and back to work. Good system ?

Now when you think about all the trillions of taxpayer dollars that have had to go to save America from the brink, due to Fascist? No sorry, I remember it was the "Capitalist" Bankers/ Wall street who have brought the whole economy to its knee's, then surely those taxpayer dollars would have been better used on an health care system that's free at the point of care.

Its a better way of using taxpayer dollars, now that’s what you call managing risk. You either use taxpayer dollars to keep people alive and well and contributing by working and paying taxes, or use them trillions to bail out the failure's of capitalism and social security payments

A persons health should never be a commodity, only in America is it possible for a person's life be traded like a toxic debt.

Posted by: Gyp-Illinois | August 12, 2009 8:07 PM
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The only effective remedy, a single payer model, is such a dramatic change from the current system that I cannot imagine the public accepting it without an intensive, extensive discussion of its merits and methodology. The administration has poisoned this possibility by its insistence on immediate passage of legislation.

Posted by: QBee1 | August 12, 2009 7:30 PM
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Government must take full responsability over health care issues. Mandatory health coverage for all is needed in order to keep the principles of equality alive. We do need a system that provides health coverage for all and we are far behind from this happening because we think nobody should tell us what to do. We have a government for the people and by the people. The powers of our government come from the people. Why are we so scared to manage our own health costs? The same way I gave powers for certain people to represent my interests, I can take these powers away. I am not afraid of universal health care. I am afraid of the obscure power of certain health care providers that do everything to get rich. I wish I could find a logical explanation why American citizens are so afraid of universal health care. We do not see stories of British citizens or French citizens in bankruptcy because health insurance bills. What we see is our people in trouble, crying, suffering and losing their faith in this country. We do have billions of dollars to spend, better saying, to give to the private defense industry. On the other hand, republicans and few democrats say we do not have money to give coverage for all in America. We now have a huge deficit and is not because we have a government-based health coverage. I wish we could be fast enough to respond to health care issues as we are (fast)to respond to declare war. Please American people, WAKE UP!!! Waiting can be too dangerous. We need health care reform as soon as possible. We are already far, far, far behind.

Posted by: lucavalcanti | August 8, 2009 1:25 PM
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I think these kinds of mandates are un-American, and un-Patriotic (and maybe even Fascist!).

One of the basic tenets of Capitalism is the ability of the consumer to 'vote' with his or her wallet (if you don't like a commodity, you don't buy it).

Mandating that everyone buy health insurance eliminates a persons ability to 'vote'in a free-market environment. This is BAD!

Insurance is a method of managing risk, and people should have the right to manage risk in whatever way they feel it is best for them, even if they are wrong in their conclusions (the individuals free choice is the mantra of Capitalism).
Instead of mandating coverage for all (which likely will lead to corruption due to a 'captive audience': i.e., the consumer has no recourse except to buy some form of insurance), legislation should be enacted that provides incentives to make insurance an attractive option for everyone: i.e. makes the reward worth the risk.

One of the issues that health insurance mandates don't address is the idea that many people live (in terms of health) much 'riskier' lives than other people do. However, people are all lumped together, regardless of real 'risk', thereby increasing the cost of health-care, and premiums for all. If (in principle) you want all people to carry insurance coverage, methods have to be implemented that won't penalize those who live less 'risky' lifestyles by those who do.

In spite of any legislated remedies and incentives, the option to buy or not to buy must still remain. If it doesn't, we move from a free-market (an individuals' free choice)to a fascist market (One dictated by an authoritarian elite).

So, the question remains, are we going to surrender our rights as Americans (the right to free choice in a capitalist society), or move toward a fascist society (surrendering our rights as individuals to an authoritarian nationalism in the guise of universal healthcare).

I say the risk is too great. Mandates must not be allowed!

Posted by: JJOhio | August 7, 2009 4:35 AM
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