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Kathy-Ellen Kups

Kathy-Ellen Kups is the breast cancer blogger for Everydayhealth.com.

Pro-life and pro-universal health care

I am pro-life. It is a huge issue with me. I hold all life sacred and consider the moment of conception as the creation of human life. I am also an advocate for universal health care for Americans similar to what is offered in other developed western nations. There is no evidence that indicates there is an increase in abortion rates in these nations in comparison to the United States. Tying abortion to health care in America however, will only hinder progress on reform.

A law restricting abortion in the House health-care bill prevents the abortion debate from side-tracking efforts to pass much needed reform including a public option for millions of Americans. In fact, without abortion restrictions, the health-care bill could prove to be a back door opportunity for pro-choice proponents to use taxpayer money to fund abortions.

With the issue taken out of reform by law, the focus can be on providing health care for all Americans. Health-care reform will allow us to address the needs of all reproductive age women and ensure the health of mother and baby regardless of socioeconomic status.

It is my hope that publicly funded health care be made available to all citizens and legal residents of the United States, and that includes the unborn.

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"A law restricting abortion in the House health-care bill prevents the abortion debate from side-tracking efforts to pass much needed reform including a public option for millions of Americans."

Actually, of course, just the opposite is true. Attempting to extend restrictions on abortion has already significantly reduced the chances of getting health insurance reform. Many people, such as the writer, cannot understand why rich woman should be able to get a abortion, but a porr woman should have great difficulties to do so.

Posted by: lensch | November 16, 2009 8:50 AM
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It seems to me that we are facing either having real government regulation in health care or to allow our for profit heath care insurance provide that regulation.

Since we have some say in running our government I would choose to have governement control the system. I recognize that a for profit insurance company, by definition, must have only their share holders in mind. They can not have societies welfare as a goal. That is why we the people established this government.

Posted by: MurphyMaloney | November 15, 2009 2:01 PM
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I applaud you on your pro-life stance. As a Christian I also am in that camp and it is a very big issue with me also.
I am one of the fortunate people who have health care from my employer, a very lucky individual whose employer pays for my insurance. However, if this bill passes, I amy be forced to pay for my own. Or have none. I do believe changes need to be made and insurance made available to those who don't have it, or at least affordable health care. We need to find a happy medium between FREE and taking everything we are working for.
I have health issues, my husband also. He is an unemployed veteran who has heart problems. I pay for his insurance through our company. What do you think this inforced law is going to do ?
If this law is so wonderful, why are the Senators not going to be using it ?
We need a cheaper better way of doing something for this country. A good start would be stop supporting other countries and take care of our own .

Posted by: tonieb | November 12, 2009 5:12 PM
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