Kathy-Ellen Kups

Kathy-Ellen Kups

Kathy-Ellen Kups is the breast cancer blogger for Everydayhealth.com.

Power to the people

Despite the rhetoric, threats and backlash over health-care reform, the final legislation is going to make America a kinder and healthier place. For those of us who advocate for a universal system, it may not go far enough or fast enough, but the new health-care bill is a vehicle that is moving health care in the right direction.

The bill addresses areas of greatest need and ensures access for all Americans by providing support and options so families and individuals can purchase much needed insurance. It keeps employers involved and makes provisions for small business. It addresses the high cost of Medicare and reduces the gap in coverage for seniors needing drugs. It was a brilliant move to link affordability of education with affordability of health insurance. By Including legislation that cuts the cost of lending and financial aid for students the American people may come to see the benefit of cutting out business interests and profiteering from providing their most important services.

The first challenge was overcome when the insurance industry under pressure from the Secretary of Health and Human Services gave up efforts this week to challenge legislation that ensures children with pre-existing conditions will be covered. This move indicates that finally our health care is not governed by big business but rather by elected officials who represent us. It was a long journey and a hard fought process, but in the end the final health-care bill puts the power over the health of Americans where it belongs - with the American people.

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