Scott Young
Kaiser Permanente Executive

Scott Young

Scott Young, M.D., is the associate executive director for clinical care and innovation for the Permanente Federation in California.

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A good start

Legislation reforming America's health-care system entered its next phase this week with debate beginning on the Senate floor. It is crucial to reform the health-care system in a manner that provides access to high quality affordable care. The Senate has...

By Scott Young | December 4, 2009; 03:11 PM ET | Comments (0)

His Cause Endures

Kennedy stated that health-care reform is the "cause of my life." He once again demonstrated that commitment as he fought for a better health-care system for us all and shouldered the weight of his own cancer.

By Scott Young | August 26, 2009; 05:57 PM ET | Comments (0)

No System ... No Cost Control

The unrelenting rise in health care costs is a burden to individual patients, employers, governments and our nation's ability to compete globally. Is it possible to rein in the cost of health care? Yes, but minor changes to the current manner in which we pay for care only perpetuates more of the same - more uncoordinated care at a higher cost. We need change that rewards coordinated care aimed at bringing physicians and hospitals together in the best interest of the patient.

By Scott Young | July 24, 2009; 05:34 PM ET | Comments (1)

The Rest of the Story

This is a good start to the vexing problem of out-of-control drug costs. It will help some of the Medicare beneficiaries who face a series of heart-rending choices based on the cost of their drugs when they hit the doughnut hole. Which medication do I fill? Can I skip a month?

By Scott Young | June 24, 2009; 07:48 PM ET | Comments (0)

Coverage Is Just a Starting Point

Our nation's first and foremost moral imperative is to achieve universal health coverage. But reform cannot stop with coverage.

By Scott Young | June 9, 2009; 07:13 AM ET | Comments (2)

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