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NYC mosque: Rising to the challenge of dialogue

When you observe, move just slightly above the fray and, in this case, see the destruction of the twin towers and the building of a mosque as metaphors, it provokes the question: What is a leader to do; what are we all to do? The answer is simple and complex; partly because...

By Tracy Grant | September 1, 2010; 12:11 PM ET | Comments (2)

Smart swarms: The power of self-organization

While we instill a sense of discipline and purpose in every member of our teams, groups in nature are made up of individuals that never see the big picture, never understand how they fit in or even why they're doing what they're doing from moment to moment. Yet these colonies, flocks, and schools not only get by, they thrive and prosper

By Ian Saleh | August 6, 2010; 12:26 PM ET | Comments (14)

Three hard-hitting Fourth of July speeches

So pay close attention to what our politicians say this weekend. The approach they take to their Independence Day address could say a lot about whether they will try to stay the course or lead us in a new direction in the months to come.

By Andrea Useem | July 2, 2010; 03:09 PM ET | Comments (1)

Tell it like Obama: Lessons from his health-care speeches

President Obama is finally revving up his health-care message by telling personal stories. In spite of their love affair with statistics, executives should take note of this important strategy for audience engagement.

By Andrea Useem | March 19, 2010; 02:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

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