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Archive: Corporate social responsibility

Three myths about vacation and productivity

n creative and intellectual industries, pulling power for tomorrow contributes more to share-price than today's productivity. So what employers really care about is knowing that you'll stay committed, regardless of whether you're at the office or on the beach. The insightful sociologist Mark Suchman once told me of a billboard that bothered him. It showed a woman lounging on a beach chair typing away on her laptop. The caption read: "In the office of the future, there will be no office." Suchman said: "While my eyes read the caption accurately, my brain offered a mischievous - but truer - reading: In the vacation of the future, there is no vacation."

By Ian Saleh | August 20, 2010; 10:34 AM ET | Comments (16)

Corporate social responsiblity with sprinkles on top

What would you do if everything you worked to build over four decades was destroyed in less than four hours? David and Penny Chapman lost everything -- and still gave something back.

By Andrea Useem | February 4, 2010; 06:44 AM ET | Comments (10)

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