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Gen X in the workplace: Stuck in the middle

Just as with Stewart's congested tunnel, the modern workplace is jammed with three generations cramming to move forward, but sometimes it feels like there's simply too much in the way of our meager little Xer generation to merge.

By Joe Frontiera | November 1, 2010; 03:02 PM ET | Comments (56)

Gaga's next gig: Lady leadership?

While Lady Gaga continues to push the bounds of innovation to drive her celebrity, is it fair to consider her a leader?

By Joe Frontiera | September 20, 2010; 03:49 PM ET | Comments (22)

Leading pro-sport turnarounds

All game jerseys are now back from the dry-cleaners, cleaned of last season's face-paint and mustard stains, pressed for a new year. With the NFL season kicked-off, the MLB playoffs soon to get underway, and the NBA season looming, let's look the organizations that have given fans good reason to swell with expectation. The following franchises are amidst storied turnarounds, pumping new energy into their team, their fan base and their city, behind leaders whose commitment to excellence is proving infectious.

By Joe Frontiera | September 13, 2010; 04:58 PM ET | Comments (2)

Five leadership stories from NFL training camp

NFL training camps around the country are gearing up for another season, and fans of every team can afford to be hopeful.2010 is still a blank canvas, but as we look forward to the upcoming season there are a few leadership stories worth highlighting.

By Joe Frontiera | August 17, 2010; 03:23 PM ET | Comments (3)

Five leadership lessons from Lebron James' LeBacle

The way LeBron James announced his decision to leave Cleveland revealed that he has surrounded himself with yes-men. He has insulated himself from the truth.

By Joe Frontiera | July 13, 2010; 12:49 PM ET | Comments (4)

Five videos for the modern leader

Video is now a mainstay on the web, but finding informative and entertaining clips can be a painstaking process. While there are thousands to choose from, we've gathered up five videos that we think all leaders will be better for watching.

By Joe Frontiera | June 28, 2010; 08:55 AM ET | Comments (0)

World Cup: Can Bob Bradley lead America to greatness?

The Princeton-educated Bob Bradley is a no-nonsense, straight-talking throwback of a coach who's shaved head and cold stare make him seem like he'd be more at home in a Clint Eastwood Western than on the soccer sidelines.

By Joe Frontiera | June 22, 2010; 12:00 PM ET | Comments (1)

Five leadership lessons from Iron Man 2

Like other strong leaders, Tony Stark is aware of his weaknesses but instead chooses to focus on his strengths.

By Joe Frontiera | June 2, 2010; 11:50 AM ET | Comments (0)

Learning Leadership at The Office

Like The Office, NBC's hit faux-reality show? Here are three interesting takes on the sticom's star, Michael Scott (Steve Carell), the hilariously pathetic but well-meaning boss of a regional office, as a leader: USA Today reporter Del Jones tracked down...

By Andrea Useem | February 4, 2009; 02:38 PM ET | Comments (4)

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