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Michael Maccoby

Michael Maccoby

Michael Maccoby is an anthropologist and psychoanalyst globally recognized as an expert on leadership. He is the author of The Leaders We Need, And What Makes Us Follow.

Taxi Driver Wisdom

On the way to Reagan National Airport last week, I asked the elderly African American taxi driver whether he had seen President Obama on Jay Leno.

"Yes," he said in a tone that suggested disapproval.

"You didn't approve?" I asked.

"He was all right. My nephew liked it a lot. But Obama needs to be more dignified. People are angry and we don't understand what these bankers are doing with all that money. He should explain, give fireside talks like President Roosevelt did."

"Well, he has tried to explain," I said.

"It wasn't enough. We aren't as quick as he is. He should explain more. This Treasury Secretary is confusing us."

"Do you think he should fire Geithner?" I asked.

"No, no, you don't want to feed those Republican wolves. And he shouldn't let Congress run the show. He should talk directly to those bankers and tell them to stop acting like pigs. He should tell them that if they give back most of those bonuses he'll stop Congress from bashing them."

"That sounds pretty smart," I said as we drew up to the USAirways departures.

"We're praying for him," he said.

With appreciation of Bill Raspberry"s Washington Post columns

By Michael Maccoby

 |  March 22, 2009; 10:46 PM ET
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