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Archive: May 17, 2009 - May 23, 2009

Steve Jobs Is Not Dull: Why Context Matters in CEO Success

David Brooks has joined a parade of thinkers who endorse the idea that the best CEOs are "dull," self-effacing conscientious folks. In fact, context matters, and some business leaders need charisma, just as political leaders also need strategy.

By Michael Maccoby | May 22, 2009; 12:53 PM ET | Comments (10)

A Conservative Rut

The President must choose someone with the leadership ability, intellectual heft, and personal confidence to pull the court out of its conservative rut

By Elizabeth Sherman | May 19, 2009; 1:57 PM ET | Comments (3)

A Listening Heart

President Obama should not ignore the leadership qualities of his nominee, as other presidents have done. An influential Justice is one who can not only apply strong logical analysis but who can also make compelling arguments from the heart.

By Michael Maccoby | May 19, 2009; 10:28 AM ET | Comments (0)

Legal Leadership

The best jurists are able to consider different points of view as opposed to working from an agenda.

By Yash Gupta | May 19, 2009; 10:20 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Consensus-Builder

President Obama sees himself as a healer, not a divider, and will nominate someone whose most important qualification beyond competence is having demonstrated the courage and skill to perform a consensus-building role.

By Marty Linsky | May 19, 2009; 10:14 AM ET | Comments (0)

The Junior Justice

It is hard to imagine a junior justice with no Supreme Court experience influencing, in the near term, the experienced jurists. This means the person should be chosen for the power of her mind, rather than her political skills.

By Benjamin W. Heineman, Jr. | May 19, 2009; 10:08 AM ET | Comments (0)

Don't Be Too Cautious

This is the appointment of yours that is likely to have the longest term impact, so please be sure to select someone who is young, healthy, of steady and sound temperament.

By Howard Gardner | May 18, 2009; 3:59 PM ET | Comments (0)

National Consequences

In the Michigan affirmative action case, Justices Kennedy or O'Connor showed flexibility, taking into account the national consequences of the decision. A new Supreme Court justice should be able to straddle principles and consequences.

By Warren Bennis | May 18, 2009; 3:31 PM ET | Comments (0)

Law First, Leadership Second

Leadership in a legislative or executive position is one thing; leadership on a court of law, with its more narrowly defined mission, is something quite different.

By Mickey Edwards | May 18, 2009; 12:59 PM ET | Comments (0)

Liberal-Minded Convincer

Whoever is appointed will not be able to shift the views of the four hardcore conservatives.

By Pablo Eisenberg | May 18, 2009; 12:56 PM ET | Comments (0)

The Sensible Center

The duty of a judge is to make decisions based by applying the facts to the law and in a manner consistent with the Constitution.

By David Walker | May 18, 2009; 12:53 PM ET | Comments (0)

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