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Paul Schmitz
Public Service Leader

Paul Schmitz

Paul Schmitz is CEO of Public Allies, which, through AmeriCorps and other programs, identifies and prepares young community and non-profit leaders.

Give them iPads!

I think that this might be the winning passage for his State of the Union tonight:

"On the campaign trail, I talked about bringing change to Washington but realized when I got here, I could not take on Congress alone. I knew I had to fire up the American people before you would be ready to go. So I decided to give the system one last try, knowing that if Congress stuck to its broken ways, Americans would get a close up view of what we need to fix.

Well, you've seen it. The committee discussions which started with a bipartisan group of Senators in the Finance Committee devolved into partisan gridlock and distorted posturing. Several Senators and Representatives in both parties held their opinions and votes or played hard to get for media attention, campaign donations, and earmarks. The "cloture" rule allowed ''iscal conservatives" in my party to strip the bill of the very ideas that could cut costs and then demand pork for their states. If you were paying attention, you saw this same routine played out in the stimulus and financial bailout.

Now that you've seen this up close, let's change it. I want you all - those who drank my cool-aid and those of you who've been drinking the tea - to demand that Congress fix its broken ways so that we can get real things done. Creating jobs, reforming health care, improving education, and securing the homeland can be done effectively and efficiently. But not if they have to wind through this tortuous and broken system.

Last week's absurd and wrong supreme court ruling will give corporations and interest groups even more influence. This is wrong. We may not always agree on policy, but we can agree that whatever policies are implemented should be fair, efficient, effective, and ethical. So here is my ten point plan to clean up government, because we can't get real change on difficult long-term issues done until this is fixed.

(Insert list of reforms)

My fellow Democrats, you've squandered a lot of opportunity this year making your policies and yourselves caricatures of the broken system. To my Republican opposition, don't be smug. When you had a majority, you swelled the federal debt while rewarding special interests rather than the middle class or public interest, and now you have a 'super-minority' as Stephen Colbert observed. Both of you need to work together on reforming the system to work for the people. I hope you'll like the ads we've prepared for those of both parties who oppose reform..."

And if that doesn't work, he should just announce he will stimulate the economy and promote innovation by sending every American an iPad!

By Paul Schmitz

 |  January 27, 2010; 4:08 PM ET
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