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Alan M. Webber

Alan M. Webber

Alan Webber, a founding editor of Fast Company magazine, is an award-winning editor, author, and columnist. His most recent book is Rules of Thumb: 52 Truths for Winning at Business Without Losing Yourself.

Become a more interesting person

Sarah Palin needs to do what fledgling leaders in business and government have always done when they're trying to earn more credibility, widen their appeal, and establish themselves as serious leaders: listen and learn.

We already know that she can fire up her existing followers. They will be her followers regardless of her command of policy, her knowledge of world affairs, her engagement with serious people doing serious things around the world.

But the people who are skeptical, who think she lacks seriousness or intelligence or gravitas--the only way for her to engage those people is, coincidentally, to do what she needs to do any way to be a better leader: she needs to develop her own agenda to listen to people who she may not agree with, learn from people who are different from her, travel to places she's never been (with or without a backpack in college), and confront experiences and realities that are outside her comfort zone.

If she does this, she will not only surprise her enemies and delight her supporters, she will also become a more interesting person in her own right. And whether or not she's ever a serious candidate for president, presumably that's a good thing for anybody to work on.

By Alan M. Webber

 |  February 9, 2010; 6:05 AM ET
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Sarah Palin does not need to change a bit. She needs to stay true to what she stands for.

This capitulation to progressive iniquity and the New World Order financial oligarchy BS, IS the disgrace and reason for Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama federal governments getting away with the desecaration of, and; what has been causing, the collapse of our country.

Integrity of our leaders is the MOST IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTE of any future leaders.

No one has more of it than Sarah Palin!!!

Posted by: Archarito | February 11, 2010 2:29 AM
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Sorry Alan, Palin needs a lot more than just "to become an interesting person." For starters, she needs a proper college education starting with learning about American history, Constitutional Law and even more importantly, International Politics and Geography. If she is college educated already, let this be a testament to our failing educational system! Her ignorance is a disgrace to herself and the state of Alaska - let's not make it a national disgrace, too. I certainly don't want an ignorant fool to be making decisions on my country's behalf. She can become an interesting person if she'd like but that won't change the fact that she just doesn't have the intellect to lead.

Posted by: rosafoyle | February 10, 2010 9:39 AM
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