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Archive: March 21, 2010 - March 27, 2010

Defining your loyalties

It might just be because I'm in the military, but as I see it, any leader's duty, military or business, is to do the right thing.

By West Point Cadets | March 25, 2010; 10:51 AM ET | Comments (6)

It's not just China

For Google, losing the faith and commitment of its employees would be much worse than any dollar lost--or, in this case, a lost Chinese Yuan.

By Scott DeRue | March 25, 2010; 10:44 AM ET | Comments (0)

'Do no evil'

When an organization has the capacity and courage to act on values that are fundamental to their operations, its leaders must act or risk undermining the group's purpose and foundations.

By Coro Fellows | March 25, 2010; 6:30 AM ET | Comments (0)

Competitors, take note

Google is not the first company to resolve the conflict between country law and company ethics in favor of ethics. But its very public decision will make other companies rethink their own decisions.

By Benjamin W. Heineman, Jr. | March 25, 2010; 6:20 AM ET | Comments (4)

Short answer: Never

If corporate executive find they are actually considering putting profit ahead of humanity, they should reflect on how they lost their moral compass.

By Mickey Edwards | March 25, 2010; 6:16 AM ET | Comments (0)

The 'interpersonal gap'

How can our leaders work toward a common vision? They must tone down the rhetoric and actively listen to close the interpersonal gap.

By Rick Rochelle | March 24, 2010; 4:53 PM ET | Comments (0)

Republican Plan B?

Republican leadership wagered everything on defeating health care legislation and crippling Obama's presidency.

By Michael Maccoby | March 23, 2010; 8:49 PM ET | Comments (1)

Democratic fortunes

Repeal is unlikely, impossible before 2013 at the earliest. Nevertheless, it may be a good rallying cry between now and November.

By Slade Gorton | March 23, 2010; 8:47 PM ET | Comments (0)

Sad day for Washington

Leaders find a way to build consensus and community. Washington is doing neither of these.

By Lt. Col. Todd Henshaw (Ret.) | March 23, 2010; 8:30 PM ET | Comments (28)

The entitlements we love

Once the bill is implemented, it'll be hard to convince even Tea Party activists that lower insurance premiums and coverage for all children is a Marxist evil.

By Columbia University students | March 23, 2010; 3:35 PM ET | Comments (2)

GOP scare tactics won't work

I think the Republicans have always known that once the universal health care genie is out of the bottle, it will be hard to get it back in.

By Joanne B. Ciulla | March 23, 2010; 3:14 PM ET | Comments (1)

Myopic move from the 'party of no'

The Social Security, Civil Rights, and Medicare acts were all strenuously opposed and lambasted as catastrophes in the making. Fortunately, fearful opposition didn't stop their passage.

By Yash Gupta | March 23, 2010; 10:59 AM ET | Comments (0)

Don't ask me, I support it

Asking me to help the Republicans trash the new health care law is like asking James Carville to give sound advice to the Republicans.

By Howard Gardner | March 23, 2010; 10:49 AM ET | Comments (1)

If you can't beat 'em...

If health-care reform turns out to be as popular as Democrats hope, the GOP should consider one of the oldest political tricks in the book: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

By Coro Fellows | March 23, 2010; 6:00 AM ET | Comments (3)

Original 'Tea Party' leaders

Sam Adams was a firebrand, while John Adams was more measured. Sam is now known for the beer that bears his name. John Adams became president of the United States.

By Donald Kettl | March 23, 2010; 5:59 AM ET | Comments (36)

Change speaks for itself

Rather than cry foul right away, Republicans should learn from Apple's handling of failed CEO Gil Amelio: Be patient and see the results, then let the people speak.

By West Point Cadets | March 23, 2010; 5:40 AM ET | Comments (9)

No leadership here

Making political hay out of insurance access isn't leadership. Real leadership on health care starts with wellness and prevention.

By Bill George | March 23, 2010; 5:32 AM ET | Comments (4)

The Gray Zone: West Point on Leadership

Very little about leadership is black and white, and these thirteen West Point Cadets are discovering how to become leaders of character. Who better to explore the gray areas of leadership than members of The Long Gray Line?

By West Point Cadets | March 22, 2010; 5:30 AM ET | Comments (1)

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