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Archive: June 27, 2010 - July 3, 2010

Must women leaders dress like 'vanilla' to succeed?

How polished should a woman look to convey competence? What about open-toed shoes? Ruffles? Bold jewelry? Necklines? The choices - and perils - are boundless.

By Sharon Meers | July 2, 2010; 11:31 AM ET | Comments (25)

A just cause

Where Washington, Adams, Franklin and Jefferson saw an oppressive British regime playing an increasingly disruptive role in their daily lives, the men and women railing against big government see an erosion of the very principles those luminaries fought to establish.

By Robert Goodwin | July 2, 2010; 6:33 AM ET | Comments (18)

Open disdain for government

Many of our Founding Fathers believed that we needed a strong central government as an integral part of the American experiment.

By Jon Cowan | July 2, 2010; 6:06 AM ET | Comments (5)

Good ideas obscured by bad leadership

Our rebellious founding fathers were angry and fed up, but they provided leadership that galvanized a budding nation.

By West Point Cadets | July 1, 2010; 3:22 PM ET | Comments (68)

Comfortable with discriminatory views

I wish the tea party's attitudes on issues of race and gender would progress as our national views have progressed since 1776.

By Kathryn Kolbert | July 1, 2010; 12:23 PM ET | Comments (7)

Our feuding Founding Fathers

We revere the founders now and hold their Declaration up as an enduring document of great ideas--which it is--and a ringing sign of their unity--which it wasn't.

By Donald Kettl | July 1, 2010; 12:19 PM ET | Comments (3)

Vague grievances, uncertain goals

The revolution, at least until the outbreak of war, was largely decentralized; so is today's tea party movement. That is where the similarity ends.

By Mickey Edwards | July 1, 2010; 12:14 PM ET | Comments (4)

Transcript: Chamberlain at Gettysburg

How Col. Joshua Chamberlain's creative command turned the tide of history at Little Round Top.

By On Leadership video transcripts | June 30, 2010; 1:10 PM ET | Comments (24)

Salad days for our Senators

If they choose an old geezer, let 'em.

By Ken Adelman | June 29, 2010; 5:03 PM ET | Comments (1)

Federal fatwas not necessary

Elected leaders don't decide for themselves when to step down.

By West Point Cadets | June 29, 2010; 10:38 AM ET | Comments (14)

What the Founders rejected

In a democracy, the decisions of the voters, not arbitrary age limits, ought to control who serves in Congress.

By Kathryn Kolbert | June 29, 2010; 10:34 AM ET | Comments (4)

A term too long

Senator Byrd, like Senator Thurmond ahead of him, served at least one full term too long, both for the institution and for their states, mostly as a result of ego and/or record seeking.

By Slade Gorton | June 29, 2010; 10:29 AM ET | Comments (7)

No time for 'throw-away' leaders

If we identify leadership capacities as the primary criteria for judging an individual's ability to lead, we would have far more age diversity in the workplace and in public life.

By Katherine Tyler Scott | June 28, 2010; 3:14 PM ET | Comments (1)

Finding a place for wisdom

There should not be an age limit to leadership but there should be limits to service.

By John Baldoni | June 28, 2010; 3:08 PM ET | Comments (0)

Test for competence

With improvements in medical science and in health generally, we need to be flexible about retirement ages.

By Howard Gardner | June 28, 2010; 2:54 PM ET | Comments (0)

Knowing when to move on

We'd probably lose more good leaders by imposing "term limits" than we would benefit by forcing some to go after some arbitrary period of time.

By Barry Posner | June 28, 2010; 2:48 PM ET | Comments (3)

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