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Archive: August 15, 2010 - August 21, 2010

Getting Women's Networks Right

Let's face it: corporate women's networks don't have the best reputation. These developmental forums for women―called affinity groups, diversity councils or employee resource groups (ERGs)―are all too often typecast as social hours. Even the best laid plans at many companies have left male and female employees seeing women's ERGs as less-than-credible gatherings where the meaty issues go unaddressed.

By Selena Rezvani | August 20, 2010; 1:22 PM ET | Comments (2)

August recess a chance to listen

Traditionally, the August recess is what that's all about. It's a chance for Senators and Representatives to reconnect with the electorate and gain invaluable insights into how pivotal policy decisions impact Americans' day-to-day lives. As a robust understanding of constituent concerns is essential to strong leadership, I have no problem with Congress heading home in August - and especially during an election season that demands citizens be as well-informed as those they've chosen to lead.

By Robert Goodwin | August 19, 2010; 1:56 PM ET | Comments (0)

Congress's actions 'the height of hypocrisy'

It is not leadership to automatically be against something no matter what it is and have nothing substantive to offer in its place. It is not leadership to vote against bi-partisan Committee legislation because it makes the other party look bad. It is not leadership to block the appointment of positions intended to help the government run more effectively.

By Katherine Tyler Scott | August 17, 2010; 1:40 PM ET | Comments (2)

Going fishing means listening to voters

Staying in DC in August will not change the gridlock that is the likely outcome of political parties more interested in cable TV headlines than lasting change. Perhaps a short visit with angry and frustrated constituents will help our leaders in Washington talk constructively about solutions. God knows, more swanky lunches at the Monocle won't get us there.

By Kathryn Kolbert | August 17, 2010; 11:32 AM ET | Comments (2)

Why not a ten week recess?

Leaders should break routine and be at work in critical circumstances - albeit presuming that the leader's presence is helpful. Not the case here.

By Ken Adelman | August 17, 2010; 8:53 AM ET | Comments (0)

Democratic leadership has lost its way

The failure of Congress to deal with climate change and immigration, among other challenges, is not due to its being in session too little of the time, but to the nature of those issues and the mood of the country.

By Slade Gorton | August 17, 2010; 8:48 AM ET | Comments (0)

When to call all hands on deck

As much as we want our leaders responsive to the crisis at hand, leaders need to be careful they do not overplay the urgency card. For example, as in Chrysler's case, Marchionne wanted all his key executives working hard to ensure survivability. That works well in the short run, but over the long haul the price of such work can be expensive.

By John Baldoni | August 17, 2010; 8:39 AM ET | Comments (2)

The problem is Congress, not summer recess

It's hard to consider this question on its merits. When in session, this Congress has become increasingly dysfunctional. There is no reasonable prospect that, if called in in session, this Congress would act on climate change or immigration.

By Howard Gardner | August 16, 2010; 3:49 PM ET | Comments (0)

Congressmen and women need rest too

We could show these officials our appreciation by letting them enjoy their six-week holiday before they get back to the serious work at hand. Insisting they stay tied to their desks like Bob Cratchit on Christmas Eve wouldn't do them or us any good.

By Yash Gupta | August 16, 2010; 3:36 PM ET | Comments (3)

Recess not only 'thoughtless' but 'irresponsible'

The six-week vacation that Congress is taking is not only thoughtless but irresponsible, especially at a time when citizens are out of work and few get more than two weeks vacation a year.

By Pablo Eisenberg | August 16, 2010; 2:20 PM ET | Comments (3)

Congress doesn't need more time at 'government HQ'

today signs point to a dangerous tendency to reconfigure our form of representative democracy into a parliamentary straitjacket with Democrats and Republicans expected to tow the line or risk repudiation for undermining party unity.

By Elizabeth Sherman | August 16, 2010; 2:14 PM ET | Comments (0)

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