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Pablo Eisenberg
Philanthropic leader

Pablo Eisenberg

A Senior Fellow at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, Pablo Eisenberg served for 23 years as Executive Director of the Center for Community Change.

Recess not only 'thoughtless' but 'irresponsible'

Q: With the economy slowing again, scores of nominations awaiting confirmation and major issues such a climate change and immigration unresolved, Congress has left town for its traditional 6-week August recess. Is that smart leadership? At what point should leaders upset well-established routines to signal that business-as-usual is no longer acceptable?

The six-week vacation that Congress is taking is not only thoughtless but irresponsible, especially at a time when citizens are out of work and few get more than two weeks vacation a year.

The leadership of both the House and Senate are once again failing their duty to meet the urgent needs of our recession economy. They should call back the House and Senate for at least three more weeks of work. The President should also cut out his vacation trip to Martha's Vineyard to show the country that the Administration is hard at work to solve our major problems.

No wonder the polls reflect dissatisfaction with both the Congress and the President.

By Pablo Eisenberg

 |  August 16, 2010; 2:20 PM ET
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Congress could stand to learn a thing or two about customer service. In a time when people are struggling, our leadership could really shine. Sadly, members don’t seem willing to step out of the Ivory Tower long enough to see the impacts of their decisions. They could learn a thing or two from corporate America (http://www.upyourservice.com/learning-library/customer-service-contact/get-out-of-the-ivory-tower).

Posted by: Julie-Ann1 | August 22, 2010 10:40 AM
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Mr. Eisenberg describes a recipe for drones suitable for execution of Central Strategic Planning, presumably to be done by higher beings behind the scenes. That is not consistent with our method of governance.

Hours worked in financial pursuits is not the work ethic which builds a sustainable economic base. While most successful people attribute their success to a fond memories of things which never happened - single minded ambition applied 24x7x365 - in truth, you have to know how to fire up the grill and cook a hot dog. Otherwise, your heirs will remember only the Fire Department and the Emergency Room visit.

Posted by: gannon_dick | August 17, 2010 1:56 PM
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Oh My God Pablo Eisenberg! Do you really want this retarded Congress to work on our economic problems? Haven't they shown enough incompetence for you to wish them away the way the rest of the American people have? Sheesh! They've got an approval rate of ELEVEN percent! Better to close up shop and wait for a Congress that at least better represents the will of the American people.

Posted by: FormerDemocrat | August 17, 2010 1:24 AM
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