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Barbara Kellerman

Barbara Kellerman

Barbara Kellerman is on the faculty of at the Harvard Kennedy School and the author, most recently, of Bad Leadership: What It Is, How It Happens, and Why It Matters and Followership: How Followers are Creating Change and Changing Leaders.

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I give the speech a "B."

By Barbara Kellerman | January 25, 2011; 11:30 PM ET | Comments (0)

Hell bent on chasing them down

The best-laid plans of leaders are vulnerable as never before to followers with their own agendas and the determination and drive to get their way.

By Barbara Kellerman | April 9, 2010; 11:39 AM ET | Comments (6)

Hollywood's female 'outlier'

Films and females have gone together since the beginning of the movie business. It's just that even now Hollywood wants women in front of the camera rather than behind it.

By Barbara Kellerman | March 4, 2010; 02:45 PM ET | Comments (11)

Uprooting Bad Leaders

The problem of Ahmadinejad will not go away on its own. Bad leaders never do. They must be forced to change.

By Barbara Kellerman | September 29, 2009; 01:43 PM ET | Comments (104)

CEO Term Limits

Performance tends to deteriorate over time, and excising bad leadership becomes more difficult the longer and more deeply it's entrenched.

By Barbara Kellerman | May 26, 2009; 10:38 AM ET | Comments (0)

Only Two Percent of Fortune 500 CEOs Are Female

Would a world ruled by women look any different? We'll never know until there are more women in positions of power. And if we look in the board room and the executive suite right now, women are very few.

By Barbara Kellerman | March 11, 2009; 09:38 AM ET | Comments (0)

Following Mugabe

We -- the West, the UN, the African Union -- go along with Robert Mugabe because we can't get it together, we can't muster the political will to act in concert to do otherwise.

By Barbara Kellerman | January 31, 2009; 07:46 AM ET | Comments (0)

Hillary Leads -- and Follows -- As She Takes Over at State

Hillary Clinton's leadership skills -- and her skill as a follower -- were on display in her first day as Secretary of State.

By Barbara Kellerman | January 24, 2009; 07:15 AM ET | Comments (24)

Lessons from Madoff's Minions

Almost everyone who knew Bernie Madoff fell under his spell, making his scams possible. That's why it's so important for executives of every stripe, in business as well as government, to build a culture of skepticism.

By Barbara Kellerman | January 20, 2009; 08:06 PM ET | Comments (0)

Bottom's Up: Why Followers Matter

Editor's Note: Starting today, Harvard professor Barbara Kellerman will comment each week on "followership," a concept she introduces in her post today. Leaders matter. But - Obama-mania notwithstanding - they don't matter as much as we think. Moreover they matter...

By Barbara Kellerman | January 13, 2009; 02:25 PM ET | Comments (2)

Machiavelli's Advice

If Obama must choose between being feared and being loved, in this case he should choose to be feared.

By Barbara Kellerman | December 15, 2008; 10:45 AM ET | Comments (0)

The Courage To Be Sorry

As Dr. Phil says, "This family needs a hero." Unfortunately, we don't seem to have any.

By Barbara Kellerman | December 8, 2008; 07:17 PM ET | Comments (4)

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