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Exploring Leadership in the News with Steven Pearlstein and Raju Narisetti

Raju Narisetti

Raju Narisetti

Raju Narisetti, a Managing Editor at The Washington Post, is a former founding editor of Mint, a business newspaper in India. Previously, he blogged as A Romantic Realist.

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No surprises

If a leader like Jim Zorn has been around for a while, he should be informed of changes in his executive powers before the public is.

By Raju Narisetti | October 26, 2009; 12:56 PM ET | Comments (1)

Meeting Survival Guide

Don't be ashamed of multitasking and other advice for surviving meeting overload.

By Raju Narisetti | October 6, 2009; 06:40 AM ET | Comments (2)

The Necessity of U-Turns

Leadership is all about adjusting--wisely and swiftly--to overwhelming evidence or changes in the external environment.

By Raju Narisetti | September 22, 2009; 05:52 AM ET | Comments (2)

A Larger Vacuum to Fill

Moral leadership in the global financial arena will take years to regain, and Wall Street and Western governments need to respect practices in foreign markets that may challenge the classical understanding of open markets and capitalism.

By Raju Narisetti | September 14, 2009; 02:24 PM ET | Comments (0)

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