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Archive: September 26, 2010 - October 2, 2010

Apotheker? The HP head scratcher

Maybe it's a strategic stroke of genius, but I still think the decision is a head scratcher. Apotheker didn't have a great record at SAP, albeit during a rough time for the company. The more hierarchical German corporate culture is worlds away from an organization like HP, which helped give birth to Silicon Valley's dynamic innovative spirit.

By Jena McGregor | October 1, 2010; 2:01 PM ET | Comments (0)

Weekend reads: The books edition

Weekends reads is back after a hiatus, and just in time for the big fall leadership book season. It's October, the time of year when publishers roll out the tomes they hope will be the blockbuster books of the year.

By Jena McGregor | October 1, 2010; 9:26 AM ET | Comments (0)

Rating BP's management shakeup

New BP CEO Robert Dudley has not even officially started in his new job, and already he's making big changes. The incoming leader, who takes over Friday as CEO of a company struggling with the aftermath of a record oil spill, is ousting entrenched leaders, restructuring the organization and reassessing how employees earn their pay.

By Jena McGregor | September 30, 2010; 10:41 AM ET | Comments (5)

My coworker makes what?! (When knowing more is not a good thing)

One might argue, as HR gurus have, that knowing how you stand among your peers would make you motivated to perform better, in hopes of earning more. But the Berkeley and Princeton researchers argue the opposite.

By Jena McGregor | September 29, 2010; 11:47 AM ET | Comments (47)

Why the pay gap persists

The incredible persistence of the wage gap is a complex issue, one that involves all of the above issues in some way. But I'd argue that until leaders truly adopt family-friendly policies and workplaces--much progress has been made, but more is needed--and until more is done to support working mothers with greater childcare resources, the wage gap isn't likely to budge much more.

By Jena McGregor | September 28, 2010; 12:11 PM ET | Comments (49)

A bumpy ride in store for Southwest and AirTran

Kelly's task is extraordinary, and not just because he and his team have the unenviable task of navigating two sets of labor negotiations. Teaching AirTran people to think like Southwest associates will be no easy task, nor will getting Southwest employees to accept AirTran workers into their tightly knit fold.

By Jena McGregor | September 27, 2010; 1:30 PM ET | Comments (5)

Redskins: A lesson in low expectations

usiness teams, too, have a way of overlooking the possibility of their competitions' success. There's a whole genre of "disruptive innovators," a term coined by Harvard professor Clayton Christenson's work, in which companies get blindsided by unexpected competitors or new strategies of their opponents.

By Jena McGregor | September 27, 2010; 9:04 AM ET | Comments (1)

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