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Archive: March 6, 2011 - March 12, 2011

Walker won this battle, but is he winning the war?

Leadership is about trade-offs, and if Walker believes that taking away union members' bargaining rights is the best way to produce the sort of reforms he is seeking, he may be willing to sacrifice these potential downsides.

By Jena McGregor | March 11, 2011; 9:12 AM ET | Comments (387)

Lead Reads: Why a bigger network isn't necessarily better

Social media tools are useful, but only if they help us connect with people who we wouldn't otherwise interact with regularly. As many companies and organizations start deploying social networking tools in the workplace, this will matter more and more.

By Jena McGregor | March 10, 2011; 9:01 AM ET | Comments (2)

Should NPR's Vivian Schiller have been asked to resign?

Removing her likely won't solve many of NPR's problems--the organization is now without a permanent CEO, a news director and a chief fundraiser. And it's unclear that it will be enough of an olive branch to those wanting to end public financing.

By Jena McGregor | March 9, 2011; 4:23 PM ET | Comments (100)

Ohio State's Tressel: The danger of sticking by your stars

Tressel may be an Ohio State icon, but it's Smith's and Gee's job to remember that even stars fall to Earth, and have to play by the rules.

By Jena McGregor | March 9, 2011; 12:15 PM ET | Comments (5)

Bigger bonuses for departing Hill staffers

It's a little shortsighted to believe there shouldn't be some kind of extra payment to staffers who are suddenly out of a job because their boss didn't win. Maybe that's a risk everyone is willing to take in Washington. But companies wouldn't be able to attract the best and brightest to come work for them if they were known for kicking people out on the street without a shred of severance when the going gets rough.

By Jena McGregor | March 8, 2011; 11:05 AM ET | Comments (66)

Is Gray's investigation independent enough?

Gray would have done better to call for an investigation by a party completely unrelated to his campaign. It is only someone in that position who can act with complete credibility and ask the bigger questions--if the matter turns out to be true--about what led it to happen in the first place.

By Jena McGregor | March 7, 2011; 12:58 PM ET | Comments (25)

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