Like a Rollin' Stone?

Sure, Bob Dylan is "the age's iconic singer-songwriter and rock's poet laureate.'' All the same, the Wall Street Journal suggests, he should hang up his hat. The Journal caught Dylan, 69, at a bare ballroom in an Atlantic City...
    Seth Kahan
    The real deal

    Nicola Goren
    Chasing the dream

    Hile Rutledge
    Not Dark Yet

    Patricia McGuire
    Age irrelevance

    Jennifer Tucker
    The grace of age

    Virginia Bianco-Mathis
    Repackage your act

    Kristina Bouweiri
    The best motivator

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    icyone: Dylan is a composer, a creator. I never did care much for his talents as a performer, but IMHO that is a separate issue. I think that whe...

    therapidone: Attended Dylan concert 2 years ago; one of the best of his I've ever attended. However, his voice has degraded significantly in the interve...

    cussiep: Dylan is a prophet, my personal prophet - and I am a church-going believer. THREE WORDS - BODY OF WORK!! With the Bible and Shakespeare, Dy...

    osha1: May as well tell the birds in the trees to stop singing...Let him be who he is and "if he can't hold the interest of an audience," let him s...

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