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The American story has been written by achievers, by people determined to succeed regardless of the odds stacked against them. These strivers occupy every field of endeavor: the arts, business, education, law, medicine, politics, science and sports.

While each person's quest for success is unique, those who make it big often share some common characteristics: a remarkable work ethic, a ferocious drive, a stubborn perseverance, and, sometimes, a striking amount of help and luck. Many of their stories are fascinating as well as inspiring. And in these economic times, who couldn't use a little inspiration?

At On Success, The Post will introduce you to successful people and let them tell you how they got to where they are and what advice they might offer to others trying to make it. There will be links to good reads (and sometimes good videos) in the pages of The Post as well as other publications and media outlets.

The site will feature a panel of experts, including some of the most accomplished people in Washington, who will debate all kinds of thought-provoking questions: Are successful people simply smarter than others? When does failure lead to success? Does the election of Barack Obama make it easier for minorities to succeed, or harder?

Of course, success means different things to different people. Does it mean making a lot of money? Winning prizes or acclaim? Overcoming challenges? Meeting individual goals? Helping others? What does it mean to you?

We want you to join the conversation, offering your views on the topic of the day. You also will be asking our career coach questions about how to achieve success in your own life.

On Success also will bring you lively first-person stories from three bloggers - an aspiring musician, a journalist trying to reinvent herself, and a woman launching a new online business venture- who will be posting every day about their efforts to succeed. You can cheer them on, offer advice or recount your own experiences trying to make it.

And we will be asking you to nominate the most successful people you know so the rest of us can meet them, too.

In short, if you are someone who is interested in improving your life, learning from others' experiences, being exposed to new ideas and advice, or finding inspiration in other people's successes - you are in the right place.

Welcome to On Success! Let us know what you think - and e-mail your ideas and questions for future discussions, profiles and q-and-a's to:

Posted by Success Editors on October 29, 2009 12:36 AM

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