Miracle in Chile

Success stories don't get any better than the recent rescue of 33 miners in Chile who were trapped for 68 days. One miner said he now saw the world in a whole new way. Do you think that feeling will last? Have you ever had an experience, small or large, that changed the way you think about life? If so, how has your life changed since?

Posted by Success Editors on October 25, 2010 12:00 AM

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clitteigh Author Profile Page :

There still are some who believe the operation was a hoax, a "show," to gain some publicity for a largely ignored Chile.

Many cite the convenient "cave" or underground shelter that accommodated ALL of the trapped miners.

But ...

ATNL Author Profile Page :

His new vision will not last. As soon as he gets back into the daily aspect of life, he will look at life nearly the same way as before, the magic will disappear again.

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