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Read this: I don't really like books

One of the things that my job has requested that those of us in this engineering and sales academy do is to read a book. I won't lie, I'm not exactly a big reader. I usually only read technical manuals.

By Jeff Kuehn | February 18, 2010; 07:37 AM ET | Comments (0)

It's all part of the grand design

It's amazing to think that the future of an entire country and ultimately the world, could boil down to one little design flaw on a ballot in a single county.

By Jeff Kuehn | November 12, 2009; 10:01 AM ET | Comments (0)

Learning to predict the future

The only difference between today's predictors and that of our clairvoyant and mystical ancestors is that today's futurists use several tools and current knowledge of science to assist them.

By Jeff Kuehn | November 6, 2009; 09:55 AM ET | Comments (0)

Put the sub down already!!!

As I reread the sections that I missed due to my neighbor's gorging interruptions, I find that Pink brings up some very good points that I can apply towards my future career in music.

By Jeff Kuehn | November 4, 2009; 09:54 AM ET | Comments (0)

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