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Archive: January 17, 2010 - January 23, 2010

The high price of charity

As far as trust goes, you should always trust people to be... well... people. And people tend to reward themselves (and those in their entourage) for their good deeds.

By Garrison Wynn | January 22, 2010; 9:52 PM ET | Comments (1)

Research before giving

Researching an organization before giving money is important. That said, I must admit my admiration for anyone, such as Wyclef Jean, who can create an instant flow of cash to a country in need.

By Misti Burmeister | January 21, 2010; 12:03 AM ET | Comments (0)

Behind the facade

Jean's fame suggests that he should strive for a greater arms-length relationship with Yele Haiti in order to protect his reputation and the trust of his fans and donors.

By Patricia McGuire | January 21, 2010; 12:02 AM ET | Comments (0)

Results, not intentions

If Wyclef Jean wants to help the people of Haiti, he needs to keep his "day job" as a musician and allow the Red Cross and UNICEF to do what they do best.

By Jan Scruggs | January 21, 2010; 12:01 AM ET | Comments (1)

Misguided trust?

We all want heroes, just like we want a quick buck. As long as there's fortune to be made, someone who raises our hopes, we will follow, throwing our fortunes in with our hopes. That's why it pays to be careful when it comes to investments of any kind: trust or cash.

By Seth Kahan | January 21, 2010; 12:01 AM ET | Comments (2)

Fear-based prejudice

I have been in several companies' all-male boardrooms as a consultant and heard things you would not believe about female leaders ... and this was just a few years ago!

By Garrison Wynn | January 19, 2010; 12:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

It's not about Hillary

Hillary Clinton is a strong and devoted woman. But she is only one of thousands around the world, many of whom had to overcome far more difficult challenges to make the differences they have.

By Tamara Darvish | January 18, 2010; 8:55 AM ET | Comments (0)

The struggle continues

This is not a misprint: The United States is tied with Turkmenistan in 71st place on an international list of the percentage of women in the national legislature -- 16.8 percent.

By Patricia McGuire | January 18, 2010; 12:02 AM ET | Comments (0)

Tokens and Tipping Points

Do we have a critical mass of women leaders now? Are we at a tipping point? Will these women make an impact on issues and policies? I won't prognosticate, but I will continue to be an optimist.

By Catherine H. Tinsley | January 18, 2010; 12:01 AM ET | Comments (0)

It's about time

Recent growth in the number of women leaders is a welcome sign that we will soon be benefiting from a more just and evenly distributed cadre of leaders.

By Seth Kahan | January 18, 2010; 12:01 AM ET | Comments (0)

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