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Archive: March 21, 2010 - March 27, 2010

Taking a Stand

Whether you support Obama or not, the platform he ran on was "Change you can believe in." So here it is folks: change in our health care system. We voted for change and we got it.

By Jeanine Cogan | March 24, 2010; 6:35 PM ET | Comments (3)

Action heroes

Successful leaders --- whether politicians or corporate officials or college presidents --- know that, sometimes, the very action that will create long-term success creates a lot of short-term noise. Leaders can't be afraid of noise.

By Patricia McGuire | March 23, 2010; 9:23 PM ET | Comments (1)

Untested success

In the social and political history of America, this was a monumental event. Proponents can rejoice in the bill being passed, but the long range success remains unproven.

By Cleve Francis | March 23, 2010; 9:07 PM ET | Comments (0)

A one-term presidency

This is a just a lousy time in history to be an American president. I think in times like these, you just go in for your one term, do the best you can, and then hire some extra security people when you leave.

By Garrison Wynn | March 23, 2010; 11:24 AM ET | Comments (6)


Take a minute to consider the daily problem faced by Fox News broadcasters. They need an issue that will rile them up. They need to work up enough indignation to be entertaining to millions of people.

By Jan Scruggs | March 23, 2010; 10:44 AM ET | Comments (2)

Hazardous win

A price should be no surprise to any of the Democrats, and they should be ready for the backlash. That's politics.

By Virginia Bianco-Mathis | March 22, 2010; 7:12 PM ET | Comments (0)

Challenges ahead

This is not the defining moment in Obama's career. He is still a young president. It is, however, for many Democrats.

By Seth Kahan | March 21, 2010; 10:42 PM ET | Comments (0)

A tank's biggest shark

Sniping and attacks need not be part and parcel of success. Take the temperature of your environment. You can tell pretty fast what it's like when there is blood in the water. Do the sharks begin to circle?

By Seth Kahan | March 21, 2010; 10:29 PM ET | Comments (0)

Unconscionable TV

Beck's problems at the network arise from more than petty internal bickering. Beck's real problem is that he has quickly become for political commentary what Lindsay Lohan is for serious acting -- a sideshow.

By Patricia McGuire | March 21, 2010; 2:45 PM ET | Comments (10)

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