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Celeste Owens

A motivational speaker and licensed psychologist with a PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.


The right timing

Q: Why has Oprah Winfrey been so successful as a TV talk-show host? Does it make sense for her to end her syndicated talk show in 2011 when she's still dominating the daytime ratings? Can you imagine anyone replicating the following she's been able to build?

"You got to know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em ..." sang Kenny Rogers in his '70s hit "The Gambler." The same is true for any move we make in life, as it is a series of open and closed doors. The key to any successful transition is timing.

Likewise, according to Oprah, her decision to end her show in 2011 is about timing. She stated that she always felt that she would end at year 25. I am guessing that her decision is more spiritual than circumstantial as her show continues to dominate the world of talk.

I can relate. Earlier this year I felt strongly that God was leading me to close my private practice that by most standards was thriving -- plenty of clients, frequent referrals, and solid contracts. My colleagues, while perplexed, wished me well. I closed in June with no regrets -- I am now a sought-after motivational speaker, writing for various online publications, and completing my first book on the topic of success.

Recently I received a phone call from a psychiatrist who contracted with several of the agencies I had. She informed me that the well had run dry. She wasn't receiving enough referrals to stay afloat and she too would be closing. She then stated the obvious: "You got out at the right time." Something I was certain of all along.

Oprah has been successful because she is intelligent, caring, and motivated. But her true secret weapon is the ability to be in tune with that part of her that knows best. I wish her much success in her future endeavors.

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Wow...how true. I was also very surprised that the big O was ending her very successful talk show. However, the beautiful thing is that we are only seeing the end of Oprah as we know her presently. Like a butterfly, we experience and go through many changes, including the outward changes that are seen on the outside. Something like getting rid of an old shell or covering that once was needed, and useful but is holding us back from our future opportunities. Notice I mentioned outward change, we do also experience inward changes and growth that no one on the outside can see, but we feel on the inside. I believe these inward changes are what actually facilitate the outward changes.

And to you Dr. Owens, congratulations on your shedding of shell, and moving toward your new and exciting opportunities!

Posted by: shadecdennis | December 2, 2009 3:46 PM
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