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How to slice it

Q: Civil rights investigators are examining whether some colleges are admitting higher percentages of male applicants so their campuses won't be dominated by women. Are women being penalized for being more successful students? Should gender be taken into account in the admissions process?

Here we have another example of society trying to make life fair when it is not. Trying to make it that way always causes yet another group of people to speak out about how the proposed change will make life unfair for them.

Life is like ordering a medium-size pizza for a group of teenagers: There will never be enough to go around -- and you will always be left with a mess! So we do the best we can to be fair, but we have to practice some acceptance and live in reality.

The school system, from elementary to high school, seems to have embraced the idea a while back that boys should be treated like brain-dead, immature girls (and, granted, a small few actually are). So emphasizing physical education to let boys blow off steam and work out a few testosterone problems was seen as not important. I think that, as a result, boys' grades in school fell sharply. That means fewer males get into college, creating an imbalance. So I guess we need to make that fair, right?

What we really need to do is to get real about the fact that people are different -- and that includes men and women. Let's focus on tolerance for all and use the scientific data we actually have about humans to clean up the school system. Isn't that the fair thing to do?

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