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Jan Scruggs

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A motivator like no other

Q: Not every product the Apple CEO has introduced has been a hit. So what accounts for the aura of incredible success that surrounds Steve Jobs? Why don't others who are possibly just as successful become cult figures like he has?

Steve Jobs may be a cult like figure to some, but it is more useful to ask ourselves why he is viewed with such awe.

His business acumen is certainly noteworthy and admirable, but his special talent is motivation. It has been said that Steve Jobs can push you to create quality like no one can. Jobs is a team leader who finds the best people for his team and then pushes them relentlessly to create excellent innovative products for the international marketplace.

Who among us does not know someone with an iPhone? This is a hugely successful invention. Had a competitor invented the device, it would be just as popular. But Steve Jobs hired the team that came up with the technology, recognized the huge potential of this device and motivated his marketing staff to make us all want to have one as soon as it came out.

Another American of an earlier era was quite like Steve Jobs. He was an inventor who hired the best people and had a knack for knowing what products would appeal to the public. He once said: "Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success."

That businessman was Thomas A. Edison.

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