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Q: It's official -- Chelsea Clinton is married. Chatter was all over the media for months, despite a hard-fought campaign for privacy. Are celebrities entitled to privacy in such matters? And do we, as a culture, tend to pay too much attention to celebrities, or is the Chelsea marriage a good example of the things we should celebrate?

Woe to this Summer of Discontent,
With the National Mood Abysmal,
While Prospects for Improvement Seem Dismal,
Perhaps the Upcoming Fall Will Amend,
All That Ails Us in this Oh So Steamy Season...

-- Author Unknown, or possibly undercover

I was very happy to see Chelsea Clinton get betrothed. There are reasons why I felt this way while watching the news overage -- I mean coverage.

For a multitude of reasons, this summer represents the true doldrums in America. Things do not seem to be -- and are not -- going very well for the nation. There is anger and bitterness in the air. This is not necessarily abnormal behavior for an election season, but there is a real edge to many political contests and the public discourse over the issues of the day that seems equivalent to the always rising July heat in Washington, D.C.

The war in Afghanistan is going badly, while losing more of its diminishing, wafer-thin support from Congress and the public. Immigration and border security are burning issues now powered by steroids since passage of the laws in Arizona and by the administration's opposition. A mosque gaining approval in Manhattan is stimulating emotion and angry commentary across the nation. Just switch on on the radio or TV to view and/or hear an unending line up of angry people, usually raising their voices, to make a point.

The economy is not exactly moving as desired. The awful BP oil spill has been an overwhelming and tragic story. And Great White sharks were spotted, shutting down some Cape Cod beaches! What else can go wrong ?

Should any of us actually care about Chelsa Clinton getting married? Yes. There are profound reasons why celebrating the love and commitment of these nice two young people is a healthy thing for the nation. Love is a good thing and we are wise to celebrate this amazing condition that lifts the human spirit consecrated by marriage ceremonies which are usually both fun and entertaining.

Furthermore, Chelsea's wedding was a far happier story than anything else in the news!

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