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Michael J. Berland

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Outsiders are 'in'

Q: What's a politician to do? Voters rejected the incumbents in this week's primaries in Pennsylvania and Kentucky (and Arkansas Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln faces a runoff), shirking experience for new faces. What is so attractive about upstarts? In your experience, are you more likely to achieve success as a wise insider or a brash outsider?

The best prospect for making a difference and achieving real success is an outsider.

Outsiders can bring a fresh perspective and new ways to solve problems -- they haven't been "corrupted" by politics as usual and the insiders game.  It's not about anger or narrow ideology; it's about competence and leadership and a fresh start.

One outsider I have worked for and admire is Mike Bloomberg. He ran for office as a leader, not a politician.  He brought in new ideas from outside that cut across party lines and was willing to do what it took to achieve results.

And he was not beholden to special-interest groups.  He has helped break through the gridlock and has brought a very different spirit to the political environment in New York.

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The reason political candidates like Rand Paul win simply is because voters don't know what he stands for before they vote. For instance, Kentucky voters didn't know, and still do not know, Rand Paul's stands opposing such things as Social Security, Medicare, unemployment compensation and farm subsidies. And the reason voters don't know is because no one tells them. So how come you guys aren't asking him? How come you are not demanding answers? C'mon. Do your job as journalists. CHECK THINGS OUT. And inform us. O.K.?

Posted by: ram9478 | May 26, 2010 12:55 PM
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