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Having technical difficulties, redux

Are you there? Is anybody seeing this? I'm actually not sure because we are having technical difficulties today.

Welcome to the tech age, when very complicated computers and the Internet and gadgets of all sorts have made it possible for us to do amazingly interesting things, like research songs under the hair dryer at the beauty salon or find our way to a house in an unknown neighborhood with the help of a satelite floating hundreds of miles away in space.

A wonderful thing technology, right? I mean, would any of us want to go back to say, typewriters or map books? I think not. We've got it so much better off now. Heck, I can be in touch with a friend of mine in Japan in a matter of seconds. I can shop for a blouse at a boutique in Paris sitting right here at my desk. I can get a recipe for Jamaican jerk chicken from the Web site of a chef I met on vacation in the Caribbean last year. I can check in on my sister in North Carolina, my best friend in Iowa, my beloved eighth grade teacher in Indianapolis.

What I can't do, however, is put up posts from three of my bloggers today BECAUSE WE ARE HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. When things work, everything is great. But when things don't work, everything goes to h-e-double hockey sticks. This didn't happen when they had typewriters, I'm sure. If you had a ribbon and some paper, you were in business.


My boss is probably sitting in his office wondering why I haven't posted this or why the bloggers haven't been posted. He probably thinks it is because I'm surfing the Web for blouses from boutiques in Paris or recipes from chefs in Jamaica. He probably thinks I'm chatting with my sister in North Carolina or my best friend in Iowa or my beloved eighth grade teacher in Indianapolis when, in reality, I'M SITTING HERE WAITING FOR THE TECHNOLOGY TO BE FIXED SO I CAN DO MY &%@* JOB.

Maybe I'll see what is going on on Facebook and Twitter while I wait. That's what I'll do. I'll face and tweet.

For crying out loud!


Avis Thomas-Lester

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Another issue is the lack of control often given by the social networks on their privasidad on the Board Index.

for example in my case

"Aurelio12 Pictures Photos" if someone posts something in my account am I supposed to delete it if they so desire, I think facebook abuse of lack of control that gives the user.

Posted by: aure575 | November 21, 2010 1:40 PM
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Yes, technology can be great but it also knows how to bind us up when we need it most.

I got a reality check a few weeks ago when my child asked me how to address an envelope! Huh? I guess I just assumed she knew how to do that, but the reality is how many kids mail anything? All they do is e-mail, text or chat and we adults have fallen in right behind then. I can't even tell you how many times a year I go to the post office. Everything is just so "right now", we need everything in an instant.

Times have really changed.

Posted by: cherierenee | November 17, 2010 12:18 PM
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That's funny - then there's an opposite problem, when it works too well...our rapidly-growing marketing business at KME was working on all cylinders the other day on a hike to Old Rag Mountain - i.e. the cellphone coverage was just great way up on the rocks, where it shouldn't have been, and our family might have otherwise escaped clients calling in to say their DNS transfers didn't happen, and their website had crashed...ugh.

Posted by: TedM1 | November 15, 2010 7:29 AM
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