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Archive: October 18, 2009 - October 24, 2009

Is the recession over?

Despite the views of many economists, more than eight in 10 Americans say the recession is not over, as widespread concerns about the national economy and their own pocketbooks persist. The public remains much more oriented toward deficit reduction than...

By Jodi Westrick | October 23, 2009; 12:01 AM ET | Comments (0)

Wall Street pay

By Jodi Westrick | October 22, 2009; 11:37 AM ET | Comments (30)

Swine flu vaccine

By Jodi Westrick | October 22, 2009; 8:56 AM ET | Comments (10)

Dulles Toll Road rates increase

A plan to boost rates on the Dulles Toll Road is expected to move forward Wednesday despite widespread opposition from commuters. Members of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority board will act at committee meetings Wednesday on a staff recommendation that...

By Jodi Westrick | October 21, 2009; 6:32 PM ET | Comments (15)

Investigating too late?

Calling the squandering of city AIDS dollars "inexcusably wrong," D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles on Monday announced an investigation into nonprofit groups that might have misspent government money meant to care for the sick....

By Jodi Westrick | October 20, 2009; 10:51 AM ET | Comments (1)

Should the Vatican make it easier for Anglicans to convert to Catholicism?

The Vatican is making it easier for Anglicans -- priests, members and parishes -- to convert to Catholicism. Some say this is further recognition of the substantial overlap in faith, doctrine and spirituality between the Catholic and Anglican traditions; others...

By Jodi Westrick | October 20, 2009; 10:39 AM ET | Comments (73)

Good call for Zorn?

Following the Redskin's dreary 14-6 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Coach Jim Zorn met with Vinny Cerrato, the team's executive vice president of football operations, and was asked to give up his offensive play-calling duties, according to...

By Jodi Westrick | October 19, 2009; 10:27 AM ET | Comments (1)

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