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Should women's hockey be an Olympic sport?

The United States and Canada have mowed their way through the women's hockey field like the custom cutters who harvest wheat each year from Texas up through the plains to the Great White North. And everyone is in a dither about it. This will mean the death of women's hockey as an international sport, they say, because of the beatings that are being administered by both teams. Read Tracee Hamilton's full column.

By Jodi Westrick  |  February 23, 2010; 9:35 AM ET  | Category:  National Save & Share:  Send E-mail   Facebook   Twitter   Digg   Yahoo Buzz   StumbleUpon   Technorati  
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Look... Hockey is a sport loved around the northern hemisphere and one that has been catching on more and more among women. The non-American teams are improving by leaps and bounds. As this happens you will see (1) major improvements in the training programs around the world and (2) more non-Americans coming to Canada and the US for college, pro, and semi-pro leagues.

And 4 years is a long time. Do not be surprised if in Sochi or sometime shortly thereafter we see a women's miracle on ice. Heck, just look what happened to basketball (which has a similar international footprint to hockey, btw).

Posted by: Left_of_the_Pyle | February 23, 2010 10:02 AM

Even (my native) Finland--a die-hard hockey country-- cannot field a women's team that can truly compete with USA's and Canada's womens' teams. I don't see any signs that other traditional hockey countries can, either. There just aren't enough elite women's teams worldwide to make it an interesting Olympics tournament. A string of lopsided matches for gold are boring to watch.

It would be better to have just a US/Canada match each year instead.

Posted by: Hunter | February 23, 2010 10:59 AM

But the Germans are allowed to win tons of medals in a bunch of sports the rest of the world has never heard of....I guess the Olympics have always been Eurocentric.

Posted by: rocotten | February 23, 2010 11:28 AM

I voted yes because it is hockey.

My head says "no" for three reasons:
1. The sport is not competitive AND the best two teams are getting better. The other countries are not catching up. Women's hockey is not globalizing.
2. The women's hockey games have been unwatchable. The score do not do justice to the imbalance of talent. Say what you will about luge, ski jumping or skating: we like to watch. Sorry, this matters.
3. Women's hockey has little history in the Olympics. Sorry, this matters too.

That said. It's hockey. Vancouver has plenty of rinks and the cable companies have plenty of channels. Why not? Game On!

Posted by: KS100H | February 23, 2010 3:34 PM

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