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Archive: April 11, 2010 - April 17, 2010

The region's best ethnic restaurants

You can choose up to two restaurants per category. Need more information? Click on the restaurant name to see the Post's Going Out Guide, reviews and more....

By Jodi Westrick | April 16, 2010; 4:25 PM ET | Comments (0)

Should 'sexting' earn criminal punishment?

Students at a Bethesda middle school bought, sold and traded inappropriate photos and videos of fellow students, school officials said Thursday, and Montgomery County police are investigating. Read the full article....

By Jodi Westrick | April 16, 2010; 10:28 AM ET | Comments (25)

Should paddling be allowed in schools?

In an era when students talk back to teachers, skip class and wear ever-more-risque clothing to school, one central Texas city has hit upon a deceptively simple solution: Bring back the paddle. Read the full article....

By Jodi Westrick | April 16, 2010; 10:24 AM ET | Comments (111)

Tax Day: Did you get money back this year?

Today is tax day. Did you luck out and get money back this year?...

By Jodi Westrick | April 15, 2010; 10:59 AM ET | Comments (16)

Should 'Twilight' be banned?

The "Twilight" series, a multi-million selling book series about vampires by Stephenie Meyer has been added to the American Library Association's list of "challenged books." Do you agree? Read the full article....

By Jodi Westrick | April 14, 2010; 3:58 PM ET | Comments (16)

Could you be Vegan before 6 p.m.?

What's a vegetable-starved population to do? We could follow the example of Mark Bittman, one of the strongest advocates for finding your inner vegetable fan. Still largely an omnivore as he completed his vegetarian cookbook, the prolific food writer and...

By Jodi Westrick | April 14, 2010; 9:46 AM ET | Comments (4)

Who will be the next Supreme Court nominee?

Rank who you think will be President Obama's next Supreme Court nominee by moving the options up or down by clicking the arrows. Don't see your candidate on there? Talk about it in the comment thread below....

By Jodi Westrick | April 12, 2010; 2:21 PM ET | Comments (28)

New book sheds light on Oprah's image

The image of Oprah as America's benevolent earth mother is about to take a serious hit, thanks to -- who else? -- biographer Kitty Kelley, whose book on the talk show queen comes out Tuesday. "I was astounded that the...

By Jodi Westrick | April 12, 2010; 1:09 PM ET | Comments (0)

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