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Humor Chief: Which is funniest?

Compiled by Manuel Roig-Franzia

By day, Sean O'Brien muddles through weighty legislative matters as chief of staff to Illinois Democratic Congressman Mike Quigley. By night, O'Brien satirizes Capitol Hill in a one-man improv show populated by five stock Washington characters: a lobbyist, a Hill staffer, a tea partier, a bartender and a disabled veteran who drives the Capitol subway train.

Which of his shticks do you think is funniest?

Please click on each character's name to see a video from O'Brien's performance. Some videos do contain foul language.

1. The lobbyist, Bob Fuskins

Bob reads issues of Congress Daily to his baby daughter as bedtime stories. "Barney Frank is her favorite character. I try to tell her he's a socialist." When he says goodnight, he coos "Daddy's got to go out and fight government regulation." Favorite? Vote!

2. The tea partier, Howard

Howard suspects President Obama is actually British and considers himself a citizen journalist because he forwards a lot of e-mails. He likes to invite fellow bar flies to tea parties. "Each one is different. They're like Grateful Dead concerts." Favorite? Vote!

3. The young staffer, Roy

Roy crows that he is "a senior legislative correspondent." Translation: he answers the phones. He gets a shiver down his spine at every motion to recommit, drinks sugar-free Red Bull vodkas and strikes out with hot Republican chicks at Hawk 'n Dove. Favorite? Vote!

4. The Capitol Hill bartender

The bartender wonders if "there's anybody around here not thinking about work." He's a Guinness man. Cocktails, he thinks, are strictly for "fancy pants." Favorite? Vote!

5. The vet subway driver, Rufus

Roy calls the Capitol subway his "little convertible." He thinks D.C. is starting to look like a "Bennetton ad." "Walk through Chinatown now, you don't get knifed." Favorite? Vote!

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